Defending other factions

Hi guys,

Love what you are doing with the game so far! Defiantly going in the right direction to make a very addictive game.

Sorry if this has been asked already… and if it is already the plan feel free to ignore…

Is there a plan to have the other factions fighting the aliens as NPCs, when you go into a faction defence mission?

At the moment the aliens are attacking havens and we jump into defend them. It would be cool (but understandably difficult) for us to turn up and join in an already on going fight. It would really add to the atmosphere.

They would be there more to add ‘feeling’ to the mission than anything. They could be window licking bots, that couldn’t hit a barn door if it fell on them (we wouldn’t want them stealing our kills :slight_smile: )

We could see who we are defending and adds to the mission. At the moment, it is like we are turning up to defend another factions Haven and it is like “WTF why an I fighting your battles and you didn’t even turn up yourselves!??! Slack bastards! Let the aliens finish the job!” :smiley:

There could be bonuses for how many friendlies are left
The sooner you can get to a fight, the more locals are still alive to help fight
The more that are left alive after the fight, you might get an option to hire one.

yes :slight_smile: I’ve asked this question last week.

Sorry mate, my bad. Can you plz post the link, I can’t find it.

No worries! it’s hard to read everything :wink:

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Awesome news, thanks mate!