Rageburst oddity

So I have now unlocked rageburst for my sniper. Cool ability. But there’s definitely a bug with it. I used it to try it out and the creature died in 3 shots. But my sniper kept shooting for literally the entire magazine (I know it’s what it says it does). But then I’m locked watching my sniper shooting into empty space like a brainless moron. Why not make it more like a burst fire? Just odd. Easily fixable but odd.

Working as intended. The ability says, use entire magazine. So if you have 10-30 shots…you will fire every last round in your mag before you stop. Doesnt matter that you are shooting at something that is dead. The fact that you waste rounds on something that is already dead is bad game design.

Rage, lost of control, yeah if you look at it the right way, people in rage are funny. :slight_smile:

Truth be told I’m not a fan of the wasted ammo but if reloading is the price I have to pay then so be it. But the animation time needs to be sped up for the ability. I’d rather it look like the soldier is raging by just massive rapid firing. Rather than watching my sniper calmly shoot round after round in the exact same spot