Rage Burst and Overwatch not working correctly (Spoiler) - Polaris

Im playing the last mission with SR on 6 out of 9 soldiers. Most of cant go into overwatch, even with full of the Aktion Points.

Then I wanted to Rage Burst the Yuggothan Entity with my heavy, standing right in front of it.
But the cone remained white.

Ne occured to me before Polaris.

Regarding OW, it’s a bug, that happens when you reload the game.

About Rage Burst, could it be a problem with the angle? It worked fine for me when standing right in front of it (with the shield lowered, of course).

It worked, when aiming a little bit behind the YE.

For the overwatch. I skipped the round: then it worked again. But some rounds later it returned.

Yes, it can happen this way. But, I just had a mission where a haven defender under control could not go into OW with enough AP. There were no loads of a save when this happened. I sent airmail via F10.