Overwatch not activating on Heavies

Hey devs and gamers,

I’ve encountered a bug. Not surprising since this game is full of them (quite hilarious considering it makes Bethesda Softworks games look polished), but it is allowing the enemy to give me a real good thumping. Overwatch. Overwatch is not triggering and it is more apparent on heavy class than others. Right, so. I’m defending Avionics and have my male AR on the left, male heavy on the right and female heavy in downward centre creating a chokepoint from the access lift. The Siren who just psychic attacked my AR with mind control is now slithering THROUGH the overwatch zone to my male heavy and the female heavy is stood there like absolutely nothing passed through her overwatch zone which spans past my AR (Siren was not in overwatch zone when she psychic attacked AR). It’s fooked the battle so I’m having to restart AGAIN. Please get overwatch fixed by the next update because it is undoing a good game.