Question regarding Epic Store pricing

So what is the difference between the 30 dollars I paid during the Fig campaign and the 21.99 they are selling preorders for on the Epic store? Further warm fuzzy feelings about being dumb enough to give my money to Julian?

Seems like it is to do with Epic’s regional pricing.

so can I have a steam key then since 70% of 30 dollars is 21 and 88% of 22 dollars is 19.36. I’ve covered steam’s cut for you.

We aren’t even able to generate Steam keys as we are not and have never been for sale on the Steam store.

As a side note - backing a project through a crowdfunding campaign is not the same as buying a product from a store. Prices are often different.

So warm fuzzy feelings it is then. /s

Also, as a side note. I’ve backed my fair share of crowdfunded games, going all the way back to HBS’s Shadowrun. This is the first time I’ve ever, ever seen a crowdfunded game end up available for preorder for less than the basic buy in cost for crowdfunding.

One normally expects the reverse… You kickstart a game at a lower price than than what they plan to retail it for. You know, kind of a beanie for the folks who were willing to take a risk on the project.


Unfortunately crowdfunding platforms do not operate on regional pricing. The USD price for the Base Edition which Epic is selling is $40, and you paid $30.

I’m going to assume that as you’re seeing a lower price now that you are not in the US.

The retail prices for the packages on the Epic store and our own store are approx $10 USD higher than the original crowdfunding prices.

Ok, so that actually makes sense. It’s a weird form of regional pricing, that’s for sure, but that’s par for the course at this point in PP’s development I guess. Every other store I know of that does regional pricing will convert over to CAD or whatever currency you happen to be using. Not leave it in USD and then do some weird voodoo with their entire price catalog to even things out.

This very nearly had me quite hot under the collar again. I’d just come to terms with the whole Epic Store fiasco and reached the point of accepting the idea when I happened to notice the lower price. I guess it just goes to show how much of a kick in the teeth the Canadian Peso has taken over the past couple years.

I agree it’s not ideal - but we have little control over how regional pricing works.

As an original Fig backer you will still receive a Steam key (albeit a year later than expected) in addition to the Epic Games Store key. You will also get the first year of DLC for free.

You could technically refund the Fig order and purchase again - but the saving you would make would likely not cover the cost of the DLC.

Not gonna bother refunding. Certainly not over eight bucks.

Ultimately I look at crowdfunding as a way to finance dreams. It’s part of the reason I rarely back for large amounts of money. I don’t want to be in a position that I’d be genuinely mad if I ended up loosing it all, or hating the game or whatever. Ultimately, my 30 bucks helped a guy who made a game I loved in 94 make another game. I don’t agree with how he’s gone about things in the past couple weeks, and I certainly won’t participate in another kickstarter if he chooses to run one but the original goal seems to have been achieved.


That’s not my experience, and I remember complain on that for SRR, because players didn’t realized Dragonfall was coming later.

But even without regional price problems, I have see it already, I think games standard price dropped down, pledging was years before and they couldn’t sell it at this price anymore, nor refund the difference.

Other very common case is pledged games going EArly Access and ending lower price.