Question for anyone that might know the answer

From what I read perception is a secondary statistic, but I have not been able to locate, or identify how to see what it is, anyone know?

Good question. Stealth and accuracy are two more hidden stats I’d like to know more about too.

AFAIK info screen on the battlescpae is the only way to see perception

Perception will let you detect enemy when you can’t see them. I don’t think you can see it in game, but you can see the red circle that will indicate enemy movements.

It is secondary attribute and is set at 35 as starting value. It is responsible for range at which your soldier spots enemies during the day.

You have that in PhoenixPedia in Guide section under Character Attributes record. Just scroll down.

Value you can only see during the mission when you click on a solider to see his info screen.

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Ah, I’ve never noticed it b4.