How to see the stats of the characters?

Hi, i searched everywhere (or it seems to me!), when i’m in the manticore or at base, i don’t know how to see the resume of the total, for example, of the perception, accuracy (with the bonus that give armor/weapon/skills…), etc… from the characters.
How is it possible to see that?

It was possible to see them only during missions. But now with the 1.8 patch, this info is also shown on Gesocape in the Personnel tab

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oh… ok, thank you for your answer.
It would be interesting to see this while we are in the pannel of the character, that’s here where we make combinations with armors, weapons, etc… ^^

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Yes, Arkahm solved it quite elegantly.

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Yeah! Exactly what i wanted! Thank you!
(and an ETA for the 1.8?)
EDIT: oh, it’s today! incredible coincidence! lol!

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In the same way, it would be VERY useful, for more strategy, to see the AP of the enemy when we look at the “infos”, don’t understand why we can’t see that, or am i missing something? :flushed:

Maybe I misunderstood what you want, but every unit in PP has always 4 AP, also the enemy ones. The only exception that I’m aware of is when one is under the influence of a Heavies War Cry, but then they should have a symbol on top to make visible that these units have now only 2 AP on their turn (and also half movement range).

To clarify, every unit has a specific amount of movement points, called “speed” as shown in the above screenshot, and you can see this value also on enemies in their info screen, also under “Speed” (movement range or points would IMO be a better word for description). One AP is simply 1/4 of this speed. Or, in other words, doing something for 1 AP costs 1/4 speed (range), 2AP costs 1/2 and so on.

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Or better to say, by increasing speed (or adding plus speed armor parts like Annu ones) you increase how much you can move/dash in single turn.

When looking at movement range blue area is usually half (for snipers and heavy weapons 1AP) area where you will be able to shoot after move, yellow ones show extended movement area where you will not be able to shoot (with exception using sniper ability that halves shooting price)

My complain is that yellow marker area is hard to spot on some backgrounds like your base or some citadel type alien missions and would love to see some stronger color (be it stronger yellow)

It was more on the possibility of actions, others than a move, that the ennemies could have when they are under a penalty like “war cry” or other… (can use the rifle or not, or the pistol because don’t have 3 AP, etc…) This said i didn’t know that ALL the ennemies had 4 AP.

Thank both for your answers.

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