Support attributes invisible?

So obviously there are the three core attributes strength, willpower and speed, which can be seen and modified in the personnel tab. But then some abilities and equipment mention effects on attributes that are not listed: Perception, stealth… and one other I can’t remember now (edit: accuracy). But these attributes are not visible anywhere in the strategy layer. They are also not explained anywhere in the UI, had to search the Phoenixpedia for them. Even there it’s not clear how they work, which makes picking abilities guesswork.

I believe I saw them when looking at unit info during a tactical mission, which is the place where it totally doesn’t matter. Obviously I need to know the value when I’m deciding which skills or abilities to pick and how to build the soldier. How am I supposed to judge whether picking a skill that lowers perception by 10 is worth it if I have no idea what the soldier’s perception value is right now? If it’s 100 then -10 is probably no big deal, but if it’s 20, then -10 is a 50% penalty.

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  • Perception: the distance at which you can “reveal” an enemy (seen in tactical mode by clicking on your soldier). Default value is 35 tiles. It’s nice to have your scout have high speed and perception.
  • Stealth: lowers enemies perception of your unit by a percentage (seen in tactical mode by clicking on your soldier). Default is 0%. If you have -20%, you virtually increase the enemies perception about your unit.
  • Hearing range: the distance in tiles at which you hear an enemy moving around you (if you haven’t revealed him of course). Default value is 5 (not written anywhere, just read the code). There is a perk that adds 10 and is really nice to have on maps without lots of free space.
  • The accuracy is the “effective range” of the weapon you are using (look at its description). It’s the distance in tiles where a human sized body would fit in the 100% circle (with 0% accuracy bonus/malus). So +30% accuracy is kind of increasing this “effective range”.

@pantolomin you have insight in code. Does perception influence accuracy in any way?

There is also

  • Stamina - attribute which determines AP pool during combat. :slight_smile:

Wait, AP aren’t fixed at 4 for everybody?

Usually it is like that. :slight_smile: But when Stamina drops to certain level (due to extensive doing missions or some events) then there are 3 or even 2 AP left for a soldier.

No, Perception doesn’t influence accuracy (let’s say I have not seen that).

Thanks for the info!

Isn’t that supposed to be “the 50% circle”? “Effective range” of a weapon is generally the range at which you can reliably hit a human sized target 50% of the time.

pantolomin is correct, and you are too in your second sentence. If a human-sized target fits head-to-toe in the 100% circle, it’s almost entirely covered by the 50% circle. Thus at a distance where a human-sized body fits in the 100% circle, the 50% circle is entirely (or almost entirely) on the human-sized body. This is because a human-sized body isn’t in the shape of a circle, it’s closer to an upright cylinder.

If you put a human-sized body entirely within the 50% circle, you would never be able to reliably hit it anywhere near 50% of the time.

Oh, ok, that makes sense.