Purchased Signature Edition.....need help

I just received a Signature Edition as a gift but when I entered the Activation code and tried to install the EPIC Launcher nothing worked. Did anyone else have the same issue that can offer some assistance?


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there is a bug with the activation code for the backer builds. You have to close the Epic launcher in the system tray and then reopen it to clear it. The backer build will then be in your library

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I closed it via the system try and then tried to open it again but it didn’t work. Every time I double click to open the Epic Game Launcher, it goes haywire and the only to close it is by the Task Manager.

Is there any other way to download the game without going through the Epic launcher?

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Yes, SnapShot games can provide you installer.

Epic is not supposed (yet) to work with anything but final release.

Optionally, you can try Epic support.

This information is incorrect. There is no standalone launcher and the Epic Launcher is used for the current and future Backer Builds.

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Good. Thanks for correction. There was one before Epic. So its all Epic now.