Pulled off random battle here is what i have to say

  1. Randomness is too heavy here since you’re short on ammo, unless you’re lucky with the crates you can’t win. I don’t see my team being this unprepared in the main game.

  2. Queen is not dangerous in this iteration. Agile leg fire returners are.

  3. Positioning is really different from XCOM, takes time to become mindful if all directions. If you don’t group up, you risk being stayshot to death. If you group up, you risk your weapons being taken out by grenades.

  4. If a soldier loses a limb, he’s pretty much useless.

  5. Heavy is pretty protected, but an agile leg melee can wreck a heavy’s arm and render him useless.

  6. Sniper damage feels underwhelming, should have more penetration IMO.

  7. Rockets rock, a clearer obstruction tip should be provided though.

  8. Why do the crabmen score hits from distances that even the sniper can’t see?

  9. Jetpack pathing function should be fixed, there is a substantial freeze before the yellow dots appear.

  10. Procedural map generation is pretty awesome, would like to see more event types (not just crates) however, like old world tech piece activation (a turret or a stationary machine gun), air strikes, etc.

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Yup, there are many things to fix and improve yet. First of all, there is no proper limitation of sight range and fog of war isn’t implemented at all. These two things alone are very important to the game. And no loadout screen (even placeholder) to let soldiers be better prepared (or simply give them weapons of our choice for experimenting sake). That’s why I’m a bit disappointed with this build - there are no new features except placeholder-inventory screen.

Keep in mind you can’t configure the loadout. I kinda expected this for the BB1, but I guess there is not enough content ready at this point.

I blame the lack of content, but at this point I can use him as bait or to loot crates for his companions. And if I’m lucky, I could find a pistol.

I can see your point, but the build is too barebones. I guess it works as a first approach to backer builds and testing, but not for discuss gameplay design.