Don't like the vehicle irreplaceability

I don’t like the vehicle is a must to deal with the crab queen in this build. Xcom was never about a single approach to situations. Where is the tactical choice gone to?

P.S. crabmen still destroy your weapons from half a map with stray shots. Please, remove the weapons destruction, as RNG biased as it’s now only annoys and adds nothing to the gameplay.

I’ll point this out once again, as people seem to keep missing the fact. It’s not finished yet.

I see so many people calling for a feature to be removed or reworked because they personally don’t like it. It’s important to remember that during the development there will be a lot of mechanics that get implemented that aren’t balanced, aren’t working as intended or are missing some other dependency which makes them behave in the desired way.


Weapon destruction is an excellent feature, I completely disagree with you. The vehicle is essential in BB2 because they are trying to showcase it and get feedback on the vehicle.


It’s a big “plus” the the bb2 but honestly, i made a run using it for killing only one ennemy (not the queen) with a dash, otherwise the mission is totaly possible with only the 4 soldiers and some explosives / armor shreding units.

As of weapons destroyed well… i had an issue only with the mechanician healing arm witch is a freaking big loss, but again, it’s early acces, if i think it’s a too big loss i can just use 2 mecanicians once the game is at a point where i can pick my team before launching a mission.

For every other weapons, i can find a replacing one in most boxes everywhere on the map (probably too much of them, by the way) so even if i actualy lose a “unique weapon” most of my soldiers can still have something to deal with. I finished a mission with my sniper using an smg and found it satisfying too. Just have to adapt like on a real battlefield, witch is a big addition in gameplay value for me.

On Firaxis Xcom for exemple, the “biggest” event may be a soldier lost? maybe an explosive shortage? meh. It never happen even in high difficulty as long as you know what you do. It really lack some disarming, ammo (and inventory in general) and little ads like we had in the past or in xenonauts. But on PP, my god, i feel like the smallest bad move can make me in trouble, witch is a really cool thing from my point of view.


Being screwed and knowing how to counter it is ok. Being totally randomly screwed with no way to prevent or counter it is just bad design.

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It still doesn’t seem to be registering that the current build is not balanced. Not everything is working the way that is supposed to yet and many “counters” haven’t been implemented.

You seem to be confusing “not being finished” with “bad design”.


Its possible to kill the queen without use of turret or RAMing, maybe using vehicle just to speedy run away. In first release APC did not work and everybody wondered when it will work.

Dont think of distances, think of covers :slight_smile:

I see players have less exposed sniper and usually carry a gan at end of turn, so if weapon is destroyed, its more likely to be a gun.

While APC brings some sense of less inferiority due ability to faster move the squad (coupled with RAMMING and engeener repair) it is not really superior to queens destructive abilities. Better to say, it is fast and has a lot of health but is easier to destroy then queen and does not have that good weapon. So its a nice trade off.

As Voltage says, its more demo what and how vehicles could be used (yeah, a bit of Syndicate style! :slight_smile: and people really love the possibility to e.g. get out of vehicle, throw a granade or shot, enter and run away,

So only thing I find imbalanced is not vehicle speed or damage, but that one can spend APs to enter and then use vechicle APs to run away. This could be somewhat balanced by less cost to enter/exit but transfering driver APs to vehicle.

It isn’t intended to work the way that it currently does - like most other elements of the Backer Build, it isn’t complete yet and has not been balanced.


Agreed, thanks for reply. I am just thinking over a suggestion how to make it more balanced. Team can always be 2 steps ahead :slight_smile:

We understand what you’re saying, and the balancing is already planned. The main issue is that balancing is generally done at the end once everything else is complete. Trying to balance anything now would be a complete waste as the moment something new is added the balancing will be broken again.


I guess I’ll just have to record how your sniper rifle gets bammed from a distance that the sniper isn’t even able to see.

I guess I’ll just have to record how your sniper rifle gets bammed from a distance that the sniper isn’t even able to see.

Yes, there might be higher angles enemy can see you, and you cant see him. Its best to avoid open spaces. There might be related bugs, but real fog of war (for both sides) will eventually solve this. I also opt that long distance shots should lose aim and a bit strenght with exception of sniper like long distance enemies, as for us and for aliens.

Weapon/limb destruction mechanics is a bit next level, no matter how much players hate it. Think of loving when you disable an enemy. So no one is a granted hero, but can lose equipement and ablities. Surely, there are much things to be done, but I like how concepts are introduced. Yes, in this year testing, there will always be bugs.

Little of the topic but…

Now it is less likely to happen. They forgot to mention in backers build update that sniper rifle got durability boost. In BB 1.2 enemy had to hit it only with 2 bullets to destroy it. In BB 2.0 they need 5 bullets (unless shredding will occur).

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It’s really strange, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about weapon destruction preventing them from successfully completing a mission. It has never happened to me, not even once. I didn’t even know the weapons COULD be destroyed until I read it in the forums. I’ve seen every type of limb be crippled, almost every building get demolished by various sources. But never a weapon, not even on the enemy. It does sound very irritating though. I assume there will be some kind of work around introduced for this in the later builds. We already have one for getting over the limb damage situation.

As for viable strategies for fighting the new and improved queen (who looks very badass by the way, nice work) explosives and armour shedding/penetration are still viable options, but she is more resistant to it this time around so it is less effective. The ramming ability of the Armadillo is just one option for doing some hefty damage to her. Another option is to use the melee stun attack from the technician to stun lock the queen until you can get her sufficiently wounded to not be a problem any more. That is apparently possible but I haven’t tried it myself. That feature will be balanced later so it only works when a certain % of health is taken off (Technician Stun Lock). Also if you find some turrets to make small ‘wall’ of them this can distract the queen as she has to attack them individually to move past them. They won’t be able to damage her (seriously, zero damage every time they fire at her) but they distract her which buys you more time to get those explosives and armour penetrating shots in.

I actually really like the differences between BB1 and BB2 in terms of having new toys to try out and new Queen mutations to deal with, it’s nice to see the kind of progression we will be in for when the full campaign comes around.

As for balancing issues, yeah I don’t ‘think’ most people are expecting perfect balance here. Personally I have found it to be mostly fine so far. I would prefer the devs to be concentrating on the new content rather than balancing a build which will be obsolete two months later. Seems like a lot of effort could potentially be wasted there. I’m just happy we get to see the progression through the builds! Shows some real dedication to their player base.


I was able to beat the mission without the vehicle. I did lose my heavy though.

You can make the heavy target the Queen’s Legs and shred its armor. In the meantime, you can have the others throw grenades.

Once the limbs lose armor, the other guys can finish the legs off with guns. This also removes it’s movement quite significantly. It basically couldnt catch my guys when they walked backwards.

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If you are actually allowing the sniper to be shot - as opposed to positioning your soldiers so that the Heavy/Armadillo takes the brunt of the fire - then you are just playing the game wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice example that all things can be done nicely but differently, opening to many player styles.

Shoot it in the head, head,head.

Shoot it in the legs, legs, legs.

Its good it all has different and quite realistic effects.

And variations >:-)

Because only you play the game right, right? Wrong…

This isnt a problem of balancing or finishing it, i tell you now that the way you programming randomness is the cause, as long as you dont make up a proper aiming system this will stay in the game. The same thing is causing the issue that caused the nonstop 95% misses in fxcom and they werent able to solve it through all the iterations they had. I see its easy to dismiss negative feedback with the this is not finished yet argument, instead you should listen to them… And you seem to be quite aggressive when it comes to criticism.

I am simply stating a fact. A lot of people are basing opinions on something which is not yet finished. There’s no getting around that. I’m not being aggressive, I’m being honest and to the point. I’m sorry if that feels aggressive towards you, but it is just my style. I don’t mix my words and I say what I think.

We do listen to all feedback - but at the same time, we have a plan for where the game is going and how things will work - most feedback can’t/doesn’t take this into account.


A best “commercial” for the game would be if some (or as many as possible) recommendations would enter next BBs and hopefuly final games. As many bugs squashed and many “much happy happy Joy Joy” (Ren and Stimpy style)

Honestly, each BB quite improved, salute. I call people to read BB improvements and judge by that. That is progress meter.