Ps4 Saving issue

Having troubles with saving game on Ps4.

Played on PC when the Phoenix point came out. Enjoyed it, but i mostly play on console, so i just bought the special edition for the ps4, downloaded it and jumped on.

Completed the tutorial missions and got to Geoscape for the first explorer mission (scavaging run mission). Went to save my progress before jumping into the mission but it soft-locked me on the “Processing…” screen after i finalized my save file name (used default name). Music was still going but I couldn’t do anything since the processing menu was still moving (I’m guessing it was attempting to save). After 5 minutes on the screen without change I closed the application. Ps4 attempted to close but stalled for awhile (a couple minutes) and gave me a general error code for the ps4 and told me there was a problem and the game crashed. Sent a report and reloaded the game.

At first i thought it was an issue with the tutorial and the geoscape and not really the save game function, but to my surprise, the game loaded up as if I never started the game before (having to accept the terms of service again and stuff). Not much of an issue but I jumped back into a new game, but this time i disabled the tutorial mission.

This time I was at the Geoscape and attempted to save again, but to no luck. It didn’t soft lock me at the processing menu screen, but it processed for like 5 seconds and then stopped. I thought it saved, so i checked the load game option and my save data wasn’t there. I retried this multiple times (renaming the file, keeping it as it was, etc) but it didn’t save. I jumped into a mission to try to save there but it kept doing the same thing.

The version im running on is 1.03 I think on the ps4 and attempted to update the game just incase but it said it was up to date.

So im at bit at a loss of what to do currently. Any help would be great. Thank you