Do not buy for ps4

Crashes continuously. No joke, rarely plays longer than half an hour without crashing. Takes ages loading. 4 load screens to sit through restarting when crashed. Poor autosave frequently crashes so hope you enjoy replaying the same mission over and over. Incapable of saving any options setting, need to resign terms of agreement shite everytime you play. Needing to check EVERYTHING EVERY MISSION because it refuses to leave loadouts alone, constantly unequiping weapons. Crashes: loading, saving, on geoscape when anything happens. You will spend more time staring at loading screens and crash reports than playing a game, and then 60% of that is replaying progress lost due to crashing

Ist auf der x box leider das selbe. Interessiert nur leider bei snapshot games niemanden. Die haben ihr Geld ja bereits bekommen, da muss man sich dann anscheinend nicht mehr um Probleme k├╝mmern. Einfach nur frech sowas!