Problems in the game manual


I was trying to find more detailed info on the game mechanics in the game manual (like, for instance, how many tiles I could move per AP, for a given speed value, or the “dispersion” formula, accuracy tables, etc.)

I didn’t find much, in it, but I did find a few typos or spelling mistakes, sometimes even larger ommissions.

Here is the list (which I do not deem to be “comprehensive”, but it’s free QA work, so enjoy):

p4: continue din => continued in
p4: struggling to rebuilt => struggling to rebuild
p5: than hadn’t => that hadn’t
p5: unfortunate creatures mutated specimens => [maybe a comma after “creatures” ?]
p5: that they a linked => that they are linked
p6: including by way betrayal => including by way of betrayal
p9: [title] Starting the ame => Starting the game
p14: [bash] enemy, holding => [maybe completing the sentence would be useful…]
p16: While can equip any => [Pretty sure there should be one or more words between “While” and “can”…]
p18: RAPID CLEARANE => [Doesn’t look like the real name of the ability, here]
p21: [WAR CRY] => [Is the ability description up to date ? Seemed like it was -2 AP, in the in-game description]
p21: [RAGE BURST] shoot all remaining ammy => shoot all remaining ammo
p21: [RAGE BURST] in the weapons magazine => in the weapon’s magazine
p27: The priest is a the elite => [a the elite ???]
p31-32: {weapon list is incomplete}
p49: You can also scarp items => You can also scrap items
p49: and each other than influences => and each other that influences
p50: will attempt to attach your bases => will attempt to attack your bases
p52: [ELITE TRAINING CENTER] => [Does it train “common” class troops ?]


Hey @kzwix

Yeah I found a boat load too, and I almost never read the game manuals.

I’ve flagged most of it in the PDF, so I was going to send that back for some QA… Hopefully a refined/updated edition will come out with a patch release…

Comming to talk about the manual: where can I find it? There is a list of changes done in BB4 but the manual must be somewhere else.

Hi @Quinlan; you need to download the Phoenix Point Content from the Epic Store.
It’ll then install it with all the other goodies, like the OST, Artbook etc

Mine was located under (install drive)\PhoenixPointContent\Phoenix Point Manual


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Thanks again. I finally found the time to actually look it up and found it.

There is also an error in the table describing difficulty levels.
Hero: [Weapons Armor] => [Armor]
Legend: [Weapons Armor] => [nothing]