Problem starting phoenix point

Problem: i downloaded phoenix point from link recieved from email and then extracted it. Then i click on phoenix point and i get this screenshot:

How do i solve sorting this out?

Hi - Did you happen by any chance have the Windows Defender Smartscreen window pop up before this pop up, or did this just pop up as soon as you ran it?

Yeah the windows defender smartscreen came up before but somehow I got passed it and came up with that screenshot…then I closed it and try open again but got the screenshot straight away…

When you say you got passed it, did you click on More Info and then click on “Run Anyway”?

Yes that’s what I ment.

Have you got any solutions?

Hi, no sorry I don’t. I was just checking you hadn’t (like I did) clicked “Dont Run” thinking that was the “OK” box, because when I did that I got the “This app can’t run on your PC” box like you. But if you clicked “More Info” first and then clicked “Run Anyway” then no, I don’t know.

Another thing you could try is running is it as Administrator.