Privacy policy and User agreement to dodge laws

I have 370 games on Steam. I have never before been promoted to explicitly agree to let go of my information so that it can be handled in countries which don’t have to follow the laws of my country.

First of all: this is unprecedented. No other company selling games have these types of requirement. It’s unnecessary. Every other company have ways of “not having to” make such requirements from the players. This is not rocket science. You don’t have to do this. Which leads to the next point: Why? Why would your company go out of your way to require something from the players, which is by no reason necessary? It looks dodgy as hell you know. You clearly have something to gain from it, but I do not -so I refunded the game.

Me refunding the game is not a problem in itself; you made an unagreeable proposition, and I didn’t take it. It is a shame though. I lose out, because I wanted to play your game. You lose out, because I am not paying for the game. So why do we lose out? Because some people at your company thought that you could earn more money if you don’t have to comply with EU law. How about you fire those guys, and make arrangements for the future so that you (like any other company) don’t have to worry about breaking the law. If you are not worried -don’t make me sign of my rights.