Can't boot up the game without breaking the law

Tried to boot up the game today (was planing to buy the DLCs I don’t have. I select the “Disagree” option, game closes.

Selecting the other option would techincally be breaking the law… so the product is now broken for me… options?

you disagree about what?

Believe it was point 4 in the first document, stopped reading after that.

So you disagreed to the end user license agreement (EULA)?
From my knowledge there is no law that allow you the usage of software where you disagree to the EULA, even when it may be not conform with some given laws.
If you really disagree to the EULA than I think your only option is to ask for a refund.

Finally, to my knowledge, parts of an EULA are void if they violate applicable law. However, that does not mean that the entire EULA is invalid, and above all the principle that you can only use software if you agree to it.

In other words, and friendlier to you, but only as far as I know (I’m not a lawyer), you can safely agree to a license agreement even if parts of it break the law. No one can judge you for doing something that violates this agreement but is permitted under applicable law (like reselling software in the linked article).

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EULA är en förkortning för det engelska uttrycket End-user License Agreement som är benämningen på ett avtal som användaren accepterar för att kunna använda vissa tjänster, vanligtvis programvaror. De är inte juridiskt bindande i Sverige men i andra länder som USA är de det.

Google Translated:
EULA is an abbreviation for the English term End-user License Agreement which is the name of an agreement that the user accepts to be able to use certain services, usually software. They are not legally binding in Sweden but in other countries such as the USA they are.

När avtalsvillkoren bryter mot lagen
De avtalsvillkor som du erbjuder konsumenter måste vara skäliga. Är de inte skäliga bryter de mot avtalsvillkorslagen.

Om ditt villkor strider mot vad lagen säger, har konsumenten rätt att bortse från villkoret och istället agera utifrån vad som står i lagen.

En konsument kan också ha rätt att jämka avtalsvillkoret om villkoret är oskäligt med hänsyn till:

avtalets innehåll
omständigheterna vid avtalets tillkomst
senare inträffade förhållanden
omständigheterna i övrigt.

Google Translated:
When the terms of the contract violate the law
The contract terms you offer consumers must be reasonable. If they are not reasonable, they violate the Contract Terms Act.

If your condition is contrary to what the law says, the consumer has the right to ignore the condition and instead act on what is stated in the law.

A consumer may also have the right to adjust the contract term if the term is unreasonable with regard to:

the content of the agreement
the circumstances at the time of the conclusion of the agreement
later conditions
the circumstances in general.

Avtalsvillkor kan ses som oskäliga om:

Villkoren ger dig sämre rättigheter än de du har enligt till exempel konsumentköplagen och konsumenttjänstlagen.
Villkoren inte balanserar företagets och dina rättigheter. Ett exempel på obalans är att företaget kan säga upp avtalet, men inte du.
Villkoren är vilseledande eller oklart formulerade så att du inte förstår dina rättigheter eller skyldigheter.

Google Translated:
Contract terms can be seen as unreasonable if:

The terms give you worse rights than those you have under, for example, the Consumer Purchase Act and the Consumer Services Act.
The terms do not balance the company and your rights. An example of an imbalance is that the company can terminate the agreement, but not you.
The terms are misleading or vaguely worded so that you do not understand your rights or obligations.

God tro

Att man är ovetande om eventuella missförhållanden vid exempelvis ett avtals tillkomst.

Begreppet är av stor betydelse för bedömning av om avtal har uppkommit om motparten t.ex. skrivit fel pris i offerten eller utsatts för tvång för att ingå avtalet.
Google Translated:
Good faith

That you are unaware of any irregularities when, for example, an agreement is entered into.

The concept is of great importance for assessing whether an agreement has arisen if the counterparty, e.g. written the wrong price in the quote or was forced to enter into the agreement.

Ond tro

Att veta om ett missförhållande vid exempelvis ett avtals tillkomst. Ond tro kan även grundas på vad man “bort inse” se t.ex AvtL 32 §. Motsats till god tro.

Google Translated:
Evil faith

To know about a misconduct at, for example, the conclusion of an agreement. Bad faith can also be based on what one “realizes” see, for example, AvtL § 32. Opposite to good faith.


Then I can only wish you good luck …

I am not sure what are your expectations exactly.

My expectations were to re-install, buy the rest of the DLCs I’m missing and play the game, which I payed for and have previously played for over 9d according to Epic Lanucher.

I’d take a refund if it’s offered, I’m sure I can find another game to re-spend my money on.

But what stops you from doing this? There is nothing that prevents you from playing the game, legally.

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… so if I’m understanding correctly, you refuse to agree to the agreement at the start, and you want a refund because you can’t play after telling the game you don’t consider the terms and conditions acceptable.

Weird flex, but ok.