Price Disparity Across Platforms

Hi :slight_smile:

Would any of the moderators or developers be able to explain the price disparity across platforms please?

It’s £32.99 on steam and GOG,
£39.99 on EPIC and,
£44.99 on Stadia.

And would it be possible to equalise the price please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Think of it as charity tax for underdeveloped platforms :wink:

That is bizzare. Different platforms handling regional pricing differently? It’s hilarious that Stadia copy is the most expensive one.

Just for comparison, Microsoft store has standard edition at £50, but year one edition at around £42

Then season pass at £24 but not sure if that includes main game.

Bear in mind the MS store version does not allow mods or game console.

I played on gamepass so it came for “free”.