No regional pricing for season pass?

Alright so I read that “If you pre-ordered between March 12th 2019 and November 7th 2019, you will receive a voucher via email for a discounted price on the season pass.” part in the announcement. I’m in this group but haven’t got any e-mail yet, checked junk folder too, nothing.

Let’s say that I eventually got this code later, I still don’t see how I can benefit from it. I bought the game from Epic store with regional pricing. It also offers season pass with regional pricing. However when I go over to game’s own sales site, it’s listed with USD while the base game is again regional pricing. If the code offers 10$ off, resulting 19$ is still higher than the season pass regional price on Epic store as it’s like 18$ when converted to my currency. So what gives? Can’t I get any actual price reduction for season pass now?

the Season Pass should be regionally price. Given that Xsolla runs the storefront, I’m blaming them yet again