Digital Deluxe Version versus Current Options

I had bought the Digital Deluxe version of the game; is there any content I’ll be missing out on from the currently available options in the Epic store? And if so, will there be a way to get that content?

I’m not sure which version you purchased as we never had a Digital Deluxe version. There was a Digital Download Edition and there was a Luxury Digital Edition.

The current Base Edition (which is the one you can buy directly from Epic) is the same as the Digital Download Edition (except you no longer get your name in the game credits). It’s also slightly more expensive because of the retail pricing.

If you bought the Luxury Digital Edition, that’s pretty much the same as our current Platinum Edition. Again, no name in the credits now and slightly higher priced.

Ack, my mistake. It was the Luxury Digital Edition I got. Cool; thanks!

Cool. So basically you have the Platinum Edition rewards + name in the credits and for around $10 discount

Excellent; thank you for the info! Can’t wait to play more of the Backer Build 5 tonight. :slight_smile: