Pandoran Intelligent Design

OK, humour me, because this is really interesting. This is what the game is all about - an AI enemy that evolves in response to your tactics. It’s probably the thing that most attracted me to this game: the idea that the computer would somehow modify what it was doing to counter my best moves, forcing me to change things up rather than resting on the tried and tested techniques that have worked a hundred times before.

So here’s a really fascinating thought exercise. We know that the Pandorans are the product of some sort of intelligent design, and we know that that intelligence is reacting to our actions. So if you were the Pandoran Intelligence, how would you use the resources at your disposal to counter YOUR OWN best move(s).

For the sake of this thought exercise, assume that all you have to play with is the toolkit from BB5 (yea, I know it won’t be like that on Dec 3rd, but it’s all we know, so as I say humour me). You can change things up as much as you like, but you can’t invent anything radically different to the tools already at your disposal.

Also assume that your response has to be proportional. As Yokes has already demonstrated, it’s very easy to create something so stupidly OP that it can TPW even an overpowered squad. But that’s boring. What’s much more interesting is a Pandoran solution that makes life challenging for us players, but doesn’t completely overbalance the game.

For instance: by now we have all discovered the delights of Dashing multiple times into GL range of the Pandorans, or close range with a Shotgun, blowing the hell out of them, then abusing Dash to run back into cover before they can even get a shot off.
So if I’m the Pandoran Intelligence, I’d evolve a Goo Grenade for my Crabbies, give them all Machine-Guns and reprogram their actions to routinely lob a Goo line in front of their advance, then go on Overwatch every time they moved. That way, those pesky Squaddies couldn’t Dash into close range, and if they ran out into the open to lob Grenades, they’d open themselves up to Overwatch and Return Fire.
It’s not game-breaking, but it stops me abusing my favourite tactic so far.

So how about you? What do you most like doing, and how would you counter it if you were the Pandorans? We speculate about everything else on this forum - what DLC there will be, what the lore really means, how many Disciples Anu can fit on a pin - so why not speculate about something truly relevant to the way we literally want this game to evolve.

Because I don’t know about you, but the idea that the killer strategy I use every-single-time will one day prove obsolete because the system is one step ahead of me really excites me about this game.

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If WP gains won’t be lowered to cut usage of player skills then aliens can use this:
To counter Dash - overwatch on Arthrons and even Triton’s, more goo Chirons.
To counter grenade spam - body parts with a lot of HP and more loose formations
To counter shotgun - body parts with high armor.
To counter overuse of attacks with Adrenaline Rush, Quick Aim etc - units with return fire and tight combat formations.

That is quick thought. Is there something more as overpowered in player repertoire?

I would start spawning mist, mist and even more mist. The whole planet should be covered in mist within 72 hours.

At least that’s what the Phoenix forces research has found out… This also has been a major frustration for me. The aliens are actually not clever at all.

I would stop attacking resource crates and start attacking Phoenix Point instead…

Does Dash actually trigger overwatch?

Something I’ve been thinking for a while… I’d like to see crabmen moving their shields into the other hand when flanked. I’d also like to see them actively working to guard/shield other units, perhaps even operating in formation to do so.

I’m not sure right now, but it should.

When? And why? Rotating whole alien isn’t an option?

I think we can assume that’s what the Pandorans are already doing, and the current rate of mist spread that we see is the fastest rate possible. We have obviously been awakened at a point where the Pandoran assault has stepped up a notch and the mist has become more than an occasional irritant on the edge of the continent.

OK, how do you deal with Snipers?
I routinely run at least 3 Snipers or Sniper/Heavies or Sniper/Assaults per Squad. They deploy, get out their sniper rifles, and start picking off the most dangerous targets’ limbs or lethal body parts asap.
Then the Dash boys & gals go in to mop up the pieces.

Quinlan’s Mist is one way. Crabbies could evolve Mist Spitting heads that create a local cloud around them, preventing us from drawing a long-range bead.

Any other thoughts?

Probaby not possible in the current build. But Crabbies could evolve heavier armour on their non-shielded side.

Thinking about it, this could also counter that pesky Sniper ‘take out the exposed limb carrying the weapon’ trick - give the weapon arm enough armour to cope with a single Sniper shot - force us to use 2 valuable shots to take out an exposed limb.

If it rotates it puts its back to the rest of your forces.

But does it really matter what side do they uncover? Everything except shield is prone to damage so if they change hand and put shield against your flanking soldier then they will also show everything else to the rest of your troops.

It does if line of sight and overwatch are fixed for 1.0.

And it also does if they would evolve stronger armour on their fronts rather than their backs.