Is the AI really that bad?

Hello everyone!

Really want to pull the trigger on this, loved the original X-com from the 90s and the Firaxis reinventions.

I can live with bugs (as long as they will eventually be fixed!) but poor AI would be a game breaker. I’ve read some comments saying that enemies charge into the open, overwatch into walls or the wrong direction or have broken pathfinding.

So what are people’s opinions on the AI?

Hello !

Franckly, it can happen in rare ocasions that they do a silly move, but most of the time their are relatively smart.

Some ennemi do run in the middle of nowhere, but it’s usualy the crabmens, that are designed as early game tank, showing only their big armored shield and a shell that protect 90% of them while they front your soldiers. So cover isn’t a thing for them.

On the other hand, some ennemy are really smart, and sneaky, they try to side shot you, go around covers, leave your field of view for redeploy, use exlosives relatively efficiently (to either break a cover or a group of soldiers) etc…

Considering the numerous skills ennemy have, all in all i’ll say it’s really not that bad.

As of enemy overwatching on bad direction, yes and no.

They do mostly overwatch in your visible soldier direction, but sometime they “choose” to overwatch in a not so evident direction, but remember that they don’t “seem” to cheat with fog of war, and so they don’t necessarly know where soldiers are. So they just cover flank / back of their positions to avoid being taken by behind (like i’ll personaly do with my soldiers :o)

Hey Daz,

Our AI sometimes acts in a way that can be considered weird but is actually by design.

You see, the enemies are more reckless because they are more goal oriented. They know that they can lost a lot but they want to hurt you and make life difficult for you. So they would sometimes harm themselves and put themselves in a weird position just so they can pull you out of your safe zone or so they can destroy an objective structure.

They also work with what they have and sometimes they don’t get the best equipment for the job. We will continue to expand on the AI in the future but right now some people may get rounds where they get completely annihilated and others where enemies kind of ignore you so they can do their own thing.

If you think that type of enemy encounter is up your alley then give it a shot.

Thanks for the replies guys, this game appears to be a real labour of love so I’m going to offer my support with the ultra edition. I look forward to diving in!