Base power Bug and a few more

I try to play this game and not look at the bugs to much, but yesterday forced me to write this post. I was so angry.

  1. Power Bug still exists

after each mission and each game load, the power level in the bases drops to 20/30. After the last mission in which I captured 5 Pandorians, the game says NO !. Turns the prison power off so all captured creatures disappear!

  1. Neutral bastion mission to save person in Anu Map. Automatically, after loading the map, the game generates failure. It worked after 6 attempt to load the map and was possible to play it.

  2. Screen locks on a mouse after use skills randomly. To unlock need to press Esc or click manualy on soldier. Sometimes repeated many times during the mission.

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Don’t worry, there will be new DLC soon. You will get brand new content alongside all the old bugs. :sarcastic_emoji_missing:

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I only started playing after most recent patch, and have not built any power generators because I heard about this bug. So all my bases are limited to 20 power, but at least nothing randomly powers down.

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I finished the game many times. Now just trying to max it, make op teams, have some fun etc. But i can’t. List of small annoying bugs is so long. I wanted to post them all but i resigned. It is pointless. Game has so large potential and i belive on it. But such bugs pissed me hard and i feel game is punising me for such playing.

The workaround for the bug is a second power generator. The bug is related to tech that boosts the generators to 30 point each instead of 20, build a second and you have 40 of 60 to use before the bug becomes an issue.


Of course you can. As I wrote, I tried to have fun and finish game super optimally. You can also use game hacks sure :wink: there are many ways but i would like to use the mechanics that the game offers to me and suddenly I get such an unpleasant blow to the face. This is not a game breaking bug but the last patch said it was fixed and you are punished for thinking that it should work.