Nest layouts (Queen location notes)

I’ve only played 2 nest designs thus far after about 5 raids, and in both there were fairly limited locations where a queen could possibly fit. That’s something to make sure you’re doing intentionally as it makes the player make a bee-line for that spot rather than spreading/searching. Not sure which behavior you’re seeking from players in the nests, but it seems scarier to spread the team out in those cramped hallways. (I sometimes do so just for thematic reasons)

If you want to encourage the player to split the team then I suggest a nest raid version where they have to set timed explosives in multiple places simultaneously (or within a few turns) then rush to the exit before the timer runs out. Ideally as insurmountable numbers of enemies flood out of the spawn points in a state of low willpower panic, firing wildly at your fleeing team. Dramatic recreation here


First rule of going to nest (unless you have too many exploding weapons) - don’t split your team. Actually it is second rule. First rule is - take a lot of ammunition, but nevermind.

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Well consider it as a way of shaking things up, I’d like to see times when splitting up is forced or a good idea. Splitting the team makes all kinds of intriguing decisions about how you’re going to divy your troops on the fly. In current builds I’ve been finding 4 troops can clear most missions without much trouble, so coming in with 8 feels a bit OP. Probably pinpoint explosives account for much of that though and I know they’re on the chopping block.

Don’t like the idea. If there would be a good reason then why not. But forcing this would be like timed missions in XCOM 2. Great bull…cake.

Well I’m assuming that the timer part would only be the final stretch of the mission as a ‘setpiece’, and you could make a map level indicator of what type of raid it is so as to not sneak up on players. Essentially I just want to make sure that some missions de-power or limit the player, anything to disrupt one’s sense of security. After all its good to be reminded of the first rule of going into nests periodically. Plus blowing up the nest is an excellent chance to walk away without looking at an explosion.

I’ll go search the forums for a repository of mission ideas, I probably should have to start with as I’m likely repeating others.

Timers can be ok, or even good, when done right. X2 timers weren’t. Giving the player some agency really helps. Whether it’s a way to extend (Ala x1 bomb defusal), or letting the player choose when it starts. As long as they aren’t every single nest, I’d be OK with an occasional timer… They really can up the tension sometimes. Maybe some nests are known quantities, so the team can just go in and exterminate, some need to be bombed by hand, and maybe others need to be checked out and then hit from the air. Variety is nice, as well.

There’s definitely limited patterns in the current build, but there may be more in the future. Plus, even if you don’t vary the forms too much, fog of war would make it harder to sprint to the finish like you can in the current build.

The fastest I’ve finished is on the smaller nest where the queen is widish tunnel instead of the one with the one on the platform. I think I’ve done it in 2 rounds, but 3 rounds is pretty easy. But again, it’s because I can recognize the layout without any fog of war. The platform one takes several turns, as you have to fight through the tunnel to get to the vantage where you can shoot the queen without having to deal with the longer path all the way across the map.

There’s actually a third layout where the queen is on a platform in a back corner, so there’s no shortcut. That’s the longest scenario. There’s usually a bridge and a tunnel, and they both join up at a choke point leading to the area where the queen is. I find the bridge to be the shortest path, and the choke point is a great spot for a turret to clean up reinforcements that spawn behind the team.

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So is there a queen just in some cases depending on a map? What is the use of “alien vehicle” most commonly found in the end of alien base?

Seems dangerously to encouter queen in semi-open but looks somewhat less dangerous with new
rapid fire options. practically “all-shoot-to-one-limb” tactics quite does her.

The queens in the hives are a different sort. Generally just sit there and get shot. Not like the dangerous one in BB2

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In nest you don’t have a queen. Just crabmen hatchery which is harmless.

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Yea I just used the term queen like you’d refer to an ant queen. They’re large not fully implemented immobile spawners… not sure if queen is the actual name.

I’ve seen talk about fog of war previously but I was thinking of the stuff that comes in when you’re no longer looking at a spot.

“Plus, even if you don’t vary the forms too much, fog of war would make it harder to sprint to the finish like you can in the current build.” - That just made me realize that the fog of war would obfuscate the entire map rather than simply enemy locations. Fog of war just means different things in different games. So my main issue will be a non issue. Now it clicked. That really solves my main concern right there.

I got there eventually, lol

Expected at least “the same” and somewhat new feats of queen were hinted. Maybe BB4.

Anyway, on Alien Base

Blockquote What is the use of “alien vehicle” most commonly found in the end of alien base?

If this is question to developers what will be purpose of that building (not vehicle) or what abilities it will have then I’m afraid you won’t get answer quickly.

But if it is question about current purpose then it is there to get killed. :wink: It is main objective of alien nest assault. Just kill it. It won’t do anything to you.

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And last sentence is exact surprise bubble. Huge alien, huge HP, does nothing? Must be a placeholder!

Never expected a defenseless alien. Must be their civilian :slight_smile:

the massive enemy you kill in the level 1 alien base is spawner. It is the alien entity that actually creates the crabman.

Whether this remains in the final game is a different question

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It’s a mission objective. You can just destroy the spawner to shut the lair down. You don’t have to kill every enemy on the map.

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Interesting. I did one of those earlier. Pretty sure the mission said “clear all enemies” though.

that is a placeholder at the moment

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Yes, I also noticed it’s very obvious where the Queen or the Crab spawning pool are right from the start. You can just bee line to the objective, leave some turrets covering your back and complete the mission really fast.

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