Polaris - very first impressions


  • Better Alien Tactical AI seems to be more challenging
  • Seems we have more weapons
  • Better UI, loading scales and screens, tutorials - overall more polished look


  • Looks like it adds 20% loading penalty even on SSD, more on classic HDDs
  • Feels slower in AI thinking and overally on low end (dual core i5 with integrated gfx). Gladly I will soon switch from laptop to X4 AMD, 16GB ram and GTX 1650 for “real feel”

then, I have the real-real feel: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-2060-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1650/4034vs4039

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From patch notes alone, Polaris just seems like “let’s nerf everything fun” patch.

Is there really anything new to compensate for all the nerfs, or should I wait for 2.0 till they finally realize that new rage burst is garbage, and nerfing everything else to equal garbage won’t help?

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Yep, could not handle more than 40 minutes of Polaris gameplay before ragequitting.

Old bugs. New bugs. “No fun allowed” balancing. Boring. Grindy. Unrewarding. Unclear. Scarce. Shit soldiers. Shit perks. 3 tiles move per action point, REGARDLESS OF SPEED STAT, what the flowing puck is that nonsense?

Alt+F4 not even an hour into it. How do I revert? Let me guess, thepiratebay has the answer.

Obviously, you havent been there from BB days to Polaris :slight_smile: Patience is virtue, game improves.

Obviously, incorrect, been here since release, which is obvious with one look at posting history.

Would’ve been a great argument for version 0.9 or 1.1, but absolutely loses it at 1.9.