Please set up a block button

Not really a “game” feedback. I’m referring to the forums. It is incredibly annoying to have trolls following me around. Allowing me to block them, thereby preventing them from seeing my threads/posts, would be very helpful in this regard.

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Don’t be afraid of people who have different opinion than you. At least here they try to explain their point of view. :wink:

Now think about case… If all people that you have blocked, would suddenly be promoted to moderators which can’t be blocked? :crazy_face:


Go into your user preferences and there you can ignore anyone you don’t like:


That is helpful. Thank you. But, it is not the same. I also don’t want the trolls crapping all over my threads after I’ve turned my back on them. I’m just not sure that turning a troll army that is attacking you invisible is the BEST possible solution… lol

So, my request stands. Snapshot, please provide a block button.

Dude I’ve already asked you to leave me alone. I’m asking you again. Do not follow me around. Do not talk to me. Do not comment on my posts.

That “If all people that you have blocked, would suddenly be promoted to moderators which can’t be blocked” does sound like a credible threat. This place definitely has a “mean girl, dog pile on the new kid” kind of vibe. That will also be a challenge if the community is going to expand.

Jesus… Do you really think I’m following you around? I just check new posts. Sometimes don’t even see who was writing them, but I reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

You really are taking things to yourself do you? That was a joke. Maybe we have different sense of humour.

If you are seriously offended by yokes, then the problem really lies with you. I mean an ignore button is not enough? You want to alter what other people see on a public forum? Basically turning invisible to certain people that you don’t like? Come On man get a grip

A) I have Yokes muted
B) It didn’t work

C) Saying that it is my problem if I don’t like your buddy following me around harassing me is asinine (particularly after I’ve muted him, repeatedly asked him to leave me alone, and he is STILL following me around sniping at me). Yeah, I get it. You want this to be your little club, and you want to put the new kid in his place and make sure he knows that he’s at the bottom of the pecking order. Good luck with that.

Please stop being silly. Writing such things you put yourself in such situation. I don’t know anyone on this forum. Even if it looks like that it is because I respect some of the people here, who can write reasonably. Just look at the user @oSiyeza in the topic about declining playerbase. To be true I don’t remember him writing too much but he is active recently and he has good points in his arguments. That is why I respect him, even if I don’t know him and despite lack of agreement with his statements.

And remember that if someone is trying to anwer you doesn’t mean he is harrasing you. Of course, have it. I will ignore your posts even if I will have an answer for your questions and observations. Unless you will trigger some real bu** sh** about community here which won’t be true.

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Yes exactly. I want my posts to be invisible to the people I block. Just like, Twitter, Facebook, cell phones, or nearly any other form of social media.

What kind of person hears someone say that they are being harassed and jumps on the bandwagon and starts dog piling on the one claiming to be harassed? That is deeply horrible.

Please, block me as well, because I think you won’t like my sense of humour! :wink:
Thank you.

:thinking:Is asking me to “block” you, when a central point of the thread is that there is no block option, part of your sense of humour? I hope so, because that is pretty funny.:laughing:

If that was NOT intentional: would you like me to stop talking to you? (The ignore option is not functioning, so adding you to that list won’t work either). I hope not, because that would suggest that by “sense of humour” you mean being vicious and bullying.

This is an open forum and not something like twitter or facebook, everyone can post everywhere so you can’t hide your posts from others, compare it to discord, there it is the same. Muting only means you don’t get messages when the person you muted is answering one of your posts or threads. That’s all and I don’t know of any forum you would get a functionality you wish.

Well, that is not an option. I can’t think of any forum engine that would had such block feature. Forums, even new engines, are quite old fashioned and mute/ignore is all you will ever get, I am affraid.

Any harassment or actions against community terms can be flagged for moderation. But, I am affraid, getting an anwer from someone you don’t like won’t be considered as harassment.

So, muting is pretty useless. Thanks. Good to know.

ROFL. Too true.

Already done.

Possibly. But, it will be more interesting to see how they view a person I’ve specifically, recently, and directly asked to stop talking to me continuing to snipe at me. I’m not super hopeful, a lot of people around here seem hostile to new people with different ideas. That suggests that the people running the place either feel the same or don’t care enough to put a stop to that sort of thing. It seems to be a VERY small community, most of the same people have shown up at almost all of my threads. With that sort of attitude/culture I can see why the game is having such trouble growing.

Your definition of harassment is really whack.
FYI: I’m simply stating my opinion in a public thread by responding to you. This is not harassment. Get over it.

Also you might reflect a litle bit on yourself if in all these places you “need” this kind of functionality while the majority of humans does not.

(edit) Just realized you created this thread 1 day after you joined here. Have you tried calling for the manager yet?

Nope, I’m OK with you. Have seen worse :ghost:

But I’ve also flagged one of your replies because if it is not toxic behavior, I don’t know what is. :thinking:

By the way, thank you for earning me a “First Flag” badge on this forum! :blush: :+1: