Please make dropped weapons and other gear more visible on the map

Just a really quick request. My eyes aren’t great, and it’s currently very hard to pin-point exactly where fallen soldiers have dropped–along with their often-times very vital gear, and extra ammunition.

I’ve spent up to half a dozen movement-points, trying to locate where a fallen Phoenix brother or sister has met their end, so that I can harvest their gear, and continue the fight where they left off.

Could this please be enhanced, so that it will be easy–or just easier–to find? I wouldn’t mind, if this is actually meant to be a feature, where some gear does get scattered and lost…That could actually be quite neat! And it would make realistic sense, on the battlefield.

But, in that case, it would still be nice, if some gear were easier to re-locate, than others.

Thank you for listening!


This is a planned feature, just not yet implemented.


I was just thinking this same thing, maybe some kind of highlight for the fallen weapons or similar.

One should note that this had nice improvement in BB2 with crate icons and highlight.
Same (highlight) should go for dropped items, and that is about it.

Crate sight mechanics could be kept for some optional goals.