[Feedback] Making Phoenix Point more enjoyable to play

Hi everyone, hope you all doing great.
First of all sorry for my English. Anyways I’ve some feedback and idea that I wanted to share with you and the devs. team.

  1. Break thru icon indicator, wish we have some icon indicator/info which some object that we can go thru out such as windows glass and so on. For instance why would we go around wasting AP if we can break the windows to go in.

  2. Level indicator, would be nice if there’s some floor level information in the screen/HUD while we changing them.

  3. Looter, I think it would be great if we can exploring the maps in battle once the battle is finished rather than automatically back to geoscape. Looting an items around the battle maps would be cool, maybe there’s some rare items in the map?

Other looting idea@Rainer Jan 5, 2020) *Sorry, I couldn’t find how to quote all the post you made :sweat_smile:

  1. Weapons compatibility indicator, I wish there’s weapon compatibility indicator/info for each class showed in the screen.

  2. Sharpnel/bullet holes, I think it’s more enjoyable to see with some small details like sharpnel or bullets hole after the impact.

  3. Phoenix Point base indicator, for some time I’m having trouble to search the headquarters…I wish there’s some active button that we can go jump from one HQ to another base location, or at least it has some glow for their icon in geoscape.

  4. Dumb GL, please if the grenade launcher will hit some concrete while shooting from cover, give us some indicator showed in the screen.

  5. Flying objects/debris that’s stay after being destroyed, just some visual cosmetic…or perhaps those flying debris/chunk could hit anyone near them! just some immersive things we could remember :sweat_smile:

  6. TD (Tower Defense), a small game in game (that can be upgraded)…just to makes more sense to the game, how come a base doesn’t have any defense system. Yet it’s about invasion.
    It might reduce stack on enemy level attacking the HQ/bases, at some point the recruit/merc that held at the base are lower level when they raid the base. It push higher level squad for heading back…

  7. Custom keybinding (Jan 8, 2020)

  8. Custom game mode, just to give more wide option to play the game as player want. (Jan 8, 2020).

  9. Weapon upgrades from various tech research (© @Draven Jan 5, 2020)

  10. More depth on barrack upgrades from various tech research (© @Draven Jan 5, 2020)

P.S : If you guys have other idea to share, please don’t hesitate to post it here it would be great to read and hopefully the devs team can implement them in their future updates. Thanks.

There’s been already threads like that, it would have been better reuse one in my opinion.

Anyway, I wanted comment two points:

  • Point 9, the idea seems have a lot of potential but it looks a bit complex to work really well and be interesting and balanced, more for a DLC.
  • For point 3 I disagree, it generates do combat then do tedious looting. I played game having both cases (I remind Ultimate Space Commando that I warmly advise) , and it’s not working if not forced during combats. For sure you can use tricks to simulate it but it requires some caution/focus/work.

Hi Zzzz, I’m sorry I couldn’t find any similar threads, I won’t create new thread if I found it for sure.

Point 9, it doesn’t need to be DLC…but more varieties we could see in the base game, perhaps a new faction or new enemy threat for all faction. In DLC I wish there’s some massive warfare, all faction in 1 battle map and they all fighting each other :sweat_smile:, that would be interesting to see.

I guess you’re right for point no. 3.

Anyways, the list are goes on :laughing:.

  • More battle map variety, I don’t see that much for the battle maps…for 2 days of playing, I only found about 4-5 different battle maps. We need jungle warfare or swamp and mud, riverbed, harbor, or volcanos :grin:. Come on, some place having 4 seasons in the geoscape.

  • Weather effect, fog, storm, heavy rain, acid rain or flood…that can affect our OP squad abilities and the AI.

  • Weapon upgrades, I don’t know…wish there’s some little a bit depth for weaponry rather than just type of guns. For instance an upgrade sniper rifle scope with thermal vision, a flashlight that helps more visibility (more vision range). I like the idea of ambush, imagine we are dealing with creatures/humans/mad red eyes robot in heavy fog, where the traps is everywhere…that would be intense fight.

  • Mines/boobytrap/claymore, I don’t see this in the game. Come on devs, seeing AI step on trap is fun to see :sweat_smile:

  • More natural, I wish there are some animals activity in the game, well they just not some cosmetic but they have some useful element in the game for both side (player - AI). For instance, a group of birds can revealed position from the fog of war. Random fox running in line of fire to counter overwatch ability :rofl:. Fighting wild grizzly while focusing fighting the enemy, running liek hell from boar attack (okay that’s annoying). A small distraction is good maybe and looks more natural, just make sure it’s applied for both side player - AI.

  • Optimizing, after couple area revealed in geoscape…each battle I have has a bit screen stutter. I’m not sure what was the cause of it.

I try not go too crazy and far from the base, I know how hard it is…even for a simple change.

That’s all for now, thanks :grin:

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  1. Oh dear god no.

Instead, my suggestion would be to make multiple other changes to make looting more meaningful and better:

a) Remove crates from most maps except Stealing missions and the odd ambush mission and have them more frequently contain light-arms (pistols, assault rifles, light crossbow, pdw, melee weapons).
b) Change the steal research/tech/materials/food missions to be actually unique theft missions that don’t necessarily require you to kill anyone.

  • Research: Indoor mission, get to any number of consoles to steal research scattered throughout a base. Each one gives you bonus research points and gives you a 20% increased chance of stealing two technologies (guaranteed 2 tech if you get all 5 in a map, or 1 tech if at least one). Large enemy presence, with enemies stationed at points that don’t move, and others doing patrols in irregular patterns and speeds with civilians doing “work” (acting as stations alarms that can be paralyzed/killed) If undetected, no diplomacy penalty is incurred. If detected, minor penalty incurred and penalty grows exponentially with each enemy killed up to a maximum of -20. You must extract your operatives after completing any objectives in order to succeed the mission.
  • Materials: Half Indoor Half Outdoor mission, requires a vehicle to load up materials (150 per crate, takes 1 vehicle occupant slot). Low enemy presence to begin with and even lower at night. If enemy isn’t disposed of after being detected, an alarm will sound and enemy reinforcements will begin showing up (not near the extraction point). You must get the vehicle with materials to the extraction point in order to succeed. Unable to 100% succeed undetected, but maybe 50% as most enemies are located on the indoor portion of the map and don’t exit out unless they hear explosions or loud gunfire.
  • Food: Indoor/Outdoor depending on faction. Food crates can be loaded into a vehicle and can be carried by individuals but weigh 15 points. Each crate is 100 food. No enemy reinforcements. Moderate enemy presence. Low chance of succeeding undetected with anything more than 25% of the available crates. Lower enemy presence at night. Kill all enemies (for everything) or extract with whatever you have on hand to succeed.
  • Tech: Essentially the same as Materials except that it’s indoors. With a slightly higher enemy presence. This map also features a lot of crates with high tech equipment (sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, special grenades and armor, turrets, poison, etc.) in them that you can also scavenge.
  • Vehicle: Get to the vehicle and start it up. If you get to it undetected, it only takes 3 turns instead of 5 to start, but enemies will probably still have an opportunity to destroy it on third turn if you’re unable to disable them. Minor penalty if you manage to get the vehicle without killing anyone and no permanent penalties are applied (an aspect of expanded Faction Diplomacy).

… and I’d go on to recommend expanding the Faction Diplomacy aspect of the game so that your influence positive and negative matters more with certain caps appearing based on your decisions so you’d care more about getting in and out of some places undetected if you’re going to go some diplomatic routes.

Oh and those odd random crates you might stumble across on an ambush contains old-school crappy weapons usually with an odd extremely rare find of some unique tech that isn’t necessarily OP but just slightly better than the average good tech you’ll get in the game (except for maybe the first two weeks of the game). Like 2 more points effective range on an AP Gauss Rifle or something; insignificant overall but still a nice treat. This could be useful for early-game legend difficulty when your newly recruited soldiers don’t yet have any gear you can give them to use.

In each of these missions, you only get to keep whatever is on your soldiers/vehicles when extracting. Making the looting part of looting actually necessary. UNLESS you kill everyone, in which case it’s exactly the same as it is now.


Now that’s cool in game depth for getting more resources, new tech and weapons. It has lots of variation to play without loosing main PP base core. Great idea! Basically we need a little bit more in game depth.

I need the base to be more active rather than hospital with 5 star hotel :grimacing:. I wonder, does the game mechanic allowed player to be something like peacekeeper from one to another faction…let’s say I want to have two of three faction unite and fight together in one flag (PP) ~ having all faction in peace would be OP - imbalance I guess :sweat_smile:.

Not only weapon upgrades, but base upgrades.
Upgrade Power Generator for +3 power (or something).
Upgrade Baracks/Med Bay/etc for +3 soldiers/Health/etc, so on and so forth.
And, all of these things can be unlocked from various tech research.
Right now there are lots of research topics that don’t seem to unlock anything.


Yes as mentioned above, PP need more in game depth, furthermore PP lack of various tech research information at their UI. I believe some player doesn’t know what was the effect do once they done the tech research, especially weapon upgrades. Each time I finished with the research, the only I can see is some bonus of resources notification, unlock side mission/main story or weapon specification. I wish there’s enough information in the game base instead searching them around the net.

  • Custom Keybinding, most game nowadays have this features :smile:

Custom Keybinding… facepalm…
I was a little stunned when I discovered no keybinding.
It absolutely comes across as built for console and they just mapped the keys to a keyboard. There’s lots of little things like that which give me the same impression.
Eg: We can select active equipment with the number keys (because they added keyboard support) or you can click on the icons directly (because they added mouse support), but then you can also press the X key to cycle active equipment. To me, the X key is a straight mapping to keyboard of controller buttons. If we already have a key for each piece of active equipment (an intuitive 1, 2 and 3), or if we can click directly on what we want… why on Earth would we need a cycle key too?
Sorry for the rant. I love the mechanics and feel of this game, but the one thing that absolutely broke the new XCom for me was the console controls and interface. I’m heartbroken to see it here too.

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for point 1… yes i agree with you… this is problem on some maps with lots of glass windows… you cant even see enemy behind glass… but when you shoot window you see and you can go thru windows… this need fix… is anoying…