Platinum edition and other version preorder keys

Just to clarify once keys are sent out everything checkmarked by the version I buy will be given to me correct? Which means I can’t get the wallpaper until keys are distributed?

It is possible that keys may go out before then - but all of the digital goods should be expected around the release of the game. None have been sent out at this stage.

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Did the information when we purchased through Xsolla get transferred to Epic? I had contacted Xsolla about the possibility of upgrading so I can play the backer build and they act like they haven’t a clue at all. Im a bit concerned about getting the game I paid for when the time comes with the way they responded.

We haven’t sent any user data to Epic. We (Snapshot) sent out Epic keys directly to the customers on the Xsolla database with access to the Backer Builds.

We’ve got a temporary hold on upgrades at the moment as if you were to upgrade now, it could cause confusion with if you pre-ordered before the Epic announcement. We want to avoid this happening so that anyone who upgrades still gets the benefits they had before upgrading.

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Understood. thank you for your reply. I pre-purchased the base game about a year ago.

Will my key come from xsolla or snapshot? And when will that be it’s less then a week away

It will come from Snapshot and it will start on Friday as today is Thanks Giving.

Thank you Kevin

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