Plane needs to re-route when stopping on path

Deviations like this could be bigger and disrupt fighting invasions in time.

So don’t stop it on path? Let it fly its original fly path.

From screen we can see that haven on north is at the edge of remaining fuel range. Probably stopping aircraft makes some rounding and after that rounding there was not enough range to continue, that it has re-routed to closer haven.

Yeah it’s a rounding error. It’s just on the border there. It would be nice if fuel would round in the player’s favor. When you own six or so ships and have to watch and wait for this particular one to reach the next destination so you can cancel its movement, that’s a hassle.

In that time two or more other ships often will have reached a haven to conduct trade or start a mission, and it’s easy to miss to keep an eye on the one in the image, overshooting its target.

Rounding in the player’s favor would be a quality of life investment, and it would potentially prevent other bugs. Essentially due to the rounding error, there are cases where the game greenlights a ship to travel, but upon an order change suddenly those same calculations would have resulted in a red light being given to the travel.

The re-routing in this case is rather minor, but potentially it could be a large difference.
What would happen for instance if there are no havens left in its travel range? Suppose that I had let the ship travel yet a little while to the point where the rounding error would have prevented my arrival, but there are no other alternatives to re-route to? I will try to replicate this issue and see what happens. If the recalculation happens and the first one is thrown out, potentially the game may lock up.