Question on trade exploit

Hello all

I don’t get it:

  1. I go to NJ and buy 6M for 4F
  2. Then I go to the closest DA and buy 9F for 6M
  3. Fly back to NJ
  4. repeat

+5F per cycle (free). Similar cycles exist for all three valuables. Haven stock appears to be replenished
immediately after I fly away.

My question: How comes that there are so many discussion on exploits and noone talks about THIS?
Am I missing something fundamental?

No trade for me until someone can convince me it isn’t game breaking.

Thanks for clarifying

It has been mentioned a number of times in the past. So far, no feedback from the devs.

you need to have a lot of aircrafts and sacrifice a lot of game-time for travel to have real advantage from this mechanic. It is exploit but not really fun to… exploit. :smiley:

It’s not; it takes a day or two to replenish.

I admit that was my initial reaction too when I first discovered this.

However, after experimented more with trading, I would say, no, it is not game breaking, largely because it takes time to replenish the stores and existence of efficient trade routes depends on RNG and protecting havens.