Will Lore be in the Game?

Will all the lore (briefings) end up in the actual game somehow?

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It would be nice to have them as some archive fragments discovered in next PP bases. :wink:

Finding lost bases in Phoenix Point will play a part in advancing the story. There will definitely be lore to uncover through exploration within the game.

This is part of the reason why we wouldn’t wish to spoil the campaign before release - to give everyone the chance to discover things on their own, rather than reading them on a forum.

After all the work put in The Briefings and in world building, it would be really strange for them not to put any lore :smiley:

It’s more question about briefings in the game, not lore on it’s own.

So let say that you discover Phoenix Project base ‘Mount Piggy’ and there is archive with the Depths of Civilisations #1, you discover Fort Freihait and there you find stories of Isaiah Thomson, Richter and the others. @Blathergut Am I right that it is what you have asked for?

Yup. That was the idea. New stuff would be cool too, but just wondered if all that thinking/writing that was put out as the briefings would somehow make it into the game.

I’m pretty sure it will. I believe it was Allen Stroud who said in Discord that in the final game we could MAYBE return to Fort Freiheit and meet again the squad from B1 and 2, Thomson, Petayeva and the others.

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I wonder if we will have some additional Lore in game. Not the story what is happening currently during campaign, but the history of Phoenix, some strange ways of the past and binding of historical events to the Phoenix ideology.

I wonder if Allen would mention about deism and it’s role in “protecting the Earth” and secularization of all known facts about gods and deities.

Maybe we will see some next briefings or maybe even some novel before some DLCs or maybe before sequel to the Phoenix Point?

I believe that part of the either the Phoenix or PV tech trees will involve researching the past history of the organization to gain insight about the PV to help defeat it.