Amazing lore of Phoenix point

I know the state of game is far from perfect, but I would like to give the credit where the credit due. The lore of game is fascinating and addicting! I play the game for 3 time, and finished all the faction ending,(but most unfortunately the anu ending is lock behind a bug, which I find it most intriguing and fascinating). I am just amazed by how expansive this world is, with so many haven in each factions(and so many sub faction from the side quest), I can’t stop imagining how many potential story there could be in each of the heaven, how many clash of good and evil there can be in that intense condition of human struggle for survival. With the clash and distinct character of the factions, there so many material to expand on and flesh out. It has the potential to beyound game of thrones level novels and lore. I am so excited for the new content for Phoenix point in the future and possible sequels! Thank Mr Gollop for creating such expansive and rich world for me to enjoy!


The lore is indeed very interesting. The voice acting is also very good.

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Most developers, even those making large titles, in most cases cheat on the story and voice acting. I’m glad to see they didn’t with PP.

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The lore in the game barely scratches the surface of what Snapshot have created.

If you haven’t already most definitely read the entirety of the Phoenix Archives short stories, those REALLY expand the Phoenix Point world with events covering thousands of years.

Snapshot are definitely more invested in the “Phoenix Universe” than this just being a one off thing.

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Wait a minute, the in-game character named Citizen Barnabas sounds suspiciously like JG himself.

The special game edition (Phoenix Point Content) includes a huge lore pdf, close to 500 pages, formats are pdf, mobi, epub. Too bad it’s not translated, but ok I get why.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll definitely check it out!

I really dug the lore as well as the choice to set the game in the time period that they did. Particularly, the way in which they set it after the apocalypse (at least the world as we know it), allows for this hypothetical world in which humanity has adapted to, which sets the stage for the true “end of everything” as the pandora ramps things up to kill everything.

A nice setting that finds an alternative to the original xcom, as well as xcom 2 story line.

Yeah. We complain a lot about the game, but there are a lot of full achievements in it.
The lore is one of them, I truly love it. I hope this acpect will go DEEPAH in the future, because it gives life and substance to the game.

Thanks and Fthagn :smiley:

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There is also an art-book, which is a marvel :smile:

for me its early days, so I am reserving judgement; though I find the setting a bit alienating…at some point you find out that earth is experiencing a third mist…why not set the game at the first? would be more mysterious, cause now you are supposed to know more than you actually do (and that makes for convoluted story telling)