Lore on the loading screen

Just a simple suggestion.
For the loading screens I would love to have small bits of lore mixed in to the tips displayed.

After a few hours of gameplay the tips are of things I know all about or intuit and those 15 to 20 tips I dont even look at now. (Love the art though!)

Players see this screen enough and the world of Phoenix Point is really great and worthy of elaborating on.
Here is a chance to do small few sentence long info dumps about this world.
Whats with AI? What happened in World War 3?
Where did Gauss weaponry come from?
What does Anu fungus taste like?

Just an idea but it would add some depth to the world just by words on a loading screen.


I agree, but knowing SG do not count on success.

Yes, please!
But make priority for Help Tips in the start of playthrough (at least for new players).
Also please don’t show info on equipment and enemies that I hadn’t encountered yet as it breaks the immersion. :smile:

please don’t show info on equipment jpg to pdf