General Feedback / Bug or Not?

Hi there,

  1. General: The game improved a lot, congrats you did well

  2. General: The connection between ammo type and weapon is clear for some weapons (sniper, pistol, assault rifle), for others hard to guess (machine gun ammo? for what?)

  3. General: i hoped that any class can use an assault rifle? i know that ammo should be scarce and worthy, but i ended up so many times with a class without anymore ammo rendering it completely useless in the mission, so i have to hide it anywhere safely or have it running away like a scared rabbit. Does not feel good.

  4. General: Ammo. I understand that it adds a tactical element. But even the havens did not have 1 single shot that i can take? Unrealistic. I would like it better to be limited in the mission but easy to get in the HQ.

  5. Bug? I found dead enemies with ALT+ that have grenades or AR and move to that field, but cannot pick them up. Tried all the fields around but no way to get hold to that. If that are weapons that humans can not use, give them different names.

  6. Feature missing: I did not manage to HAND Over Ammo that i collected with one class to another that could use it. Have to drop it and try to collect it, but that fails or take many actions points, which both feels unrealistic. One should be able to handover if 2 soldiers standing in adjacent fields without using more than one action.

  7. Ammo again: i tried to clear the alien nest when it popped up the tactical map. Failed miserably, spent all my ammo on the first 6 enemies encountered. Then my people were a cute bunny and i quit. Second time i waited for scavening sites and random haven encounters to scrap up every ammo i could. Sometimes with strange tactics like running around in circles to avoid to kill the last enemy before i found all the boxes. Why isnt there a auto-loot, if you clean a map quickly? This feels senseless and awkward. Finally i managed to stuff every soldier with the max of ammo (and left the rocket launcher and the auto-fire tower (lost the correct wording here, sorry) at home to carry more). After i had to shoot approx. 5 enemies and 10-20 clamps i was spent again. So theres no way for me (what i am doing wrong?) to clean that alien nest. And if i am doing it wrong to shoot every enemy, how do you think the game should teach me that? Simply frustrating would not work on the everyday gamer (and i have 200h+ of XCOM under the belt).

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I don’t get it, could you elaborate?

  1. Machine Gun ammo is for Machine Gun which is Heavy’s main weapon. :wink: It is called ‘NJ-MG Deceptor’ (standing for New Jericho Machine Gun Deceptor). Assault Rifle is also ‘NJ-AR-50’ and pistol is ‘NJ-IFHG Iron Fury’ so nothing strange about it.

  2. And any class can use Assault Rifle. You just need to give them that gun and enought ammo. But only Assault class soldier has proper skills to utilize AR with enough power.

  3. Produce more ammo. You can do it by entering inventory in your base and:
    a) selecting Assault Rifle or any other weapon and selecting right most icon on the bottom of the screen. Then selecting ‘Manufacture’. It will cost some materials and sometimes tech for more advanced ammo.
    b) You can also select ammo alone instead of weapon and select second icon from the right. It will give you the same manufacture window.

  4. Alien equipment is not implemented yet to be used by soldiers. We could pick it up in Backers Build 1 but as it was glitchy so they removed that option.

  5. You move both soldiers to be adjacent to each other, enter inventory of soldier which has an ammo, and if that soldier has more than 25% of Action Points you move it to portrait shown on the right side of the screen (representing second soldier). Then that ammo should be in second soldier inventory. You don’t need to enter that second soldier’s inventory.

  6. Hmm, lets talk about each mission type separately

  • On scavenge mission you will auto-loot if you kill all enemies, even those crates which were not approachable.
  • On defence missions you won’t auto-loot because those crates (and items in them) belong to faction owning that haven. If you take something from there then you steal from that faction. :wink: There will be probably some penalty for doing that. If you intend to steal you need to move to that crate with specific soldier and pick up all the items you want and you can carry.
  • On alien attack missions there are no crates so you can’t loot there anything

How to deal with alien base? Maybe I will write some points:

  • First of all you don’t need to kill all the aliens here - there is an objective to kill somewhere in those caves - you just need to find it. :wink:
  • Second - it is good to bring more ammo here (point 4 - ammo manufacturing if you don’t have enough).
  • I have just realised that you may try to fire like in XCOM. Here in Phoenix Point use zoom to manually aim at enemy. After pressing Fire ability icon, but before confirming that fire shot, use mouse wheel to zoom and aim at different parts of enemy body.
  • If there is small chance of hitting - enemy if not filling aiming cirle - then don’t shoot, don’t waste ammo unless you are really desperate (i.e. enemy is threatening to kill one of your soldiers)
  • if you are close to the enemy hit it’s vulnerable areas (arms, head, sometimes legs)
  • if enemies are close to each other use explosives (grenade is good, but if you have grenade launcher then you will wreck havoc in enemy lines - just watch out for blast radius as it is greater than UI shows)
  • read all ability descriptions / all weapon stats, you will understand what is working with what
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I think you have missed some serious mechanical elements. (Not in same order)

  1. You can produce more ammo by going to base, soldier equip, clicking on weapon, then clicking on the bullets icon, then manufacture.

  2. MG ammo is for the heavy’s machine gun.

  3. Any class can equip any weapon, as far as I’m aware, except tech claws and heavy missile launcher.

  4. Try going to Phoenix base and putting ammo in your soldiers back backs before heading out on missions.

  5. Any weapons with a partial clip are automatically reloaded when you visit home base.

  6. All scavenge/alien base missions ARE autolooted when you win, but it’s all Sent back to Phoenix base. Go check, you probably have a billion items there.

  7. Whoops, I see you did figure out to load up with ammo. Sounds like you are maybe wasting way too much ammo taking bad shots? Are you zooming after selecting fire to check your sight pictures? Sometimes enemies that appear open may have things in between you blocking. May also need to be using grenades, heavy to remove armor on some enemies. Using a clip or more PER enemy, something is wrong, somewhere.

Hi Kane,

I totally missed the manufacturing possibility in the base.

So that point is cleared.

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I try 6 again and write a bug report if it did not work out. I try your description.

  1. is solved then also.

I did not found 4. Thats a big relief!! Will try tonight.

Alien base: i try again not killing the clams. I am pretty sure the briefing in the top left corner says: kill all enemies. Could be clearer for noobs like me. I check again.

me again,
4. Manufacturing Ammo
firsthand i would never guessed that it is behind “Squad Roster” and then “Edit Soldier”. I was expecting a separate Icon for the Phoenix Base near to Build Armadillo.
Yokes Solution 4a works great. 4b is misleading, because i select the ammo type (left side) and the ammo creation button is grayed out and inactive. Why? If i use the Manufacture Button (als Yokes described) it work, but not to my expectation? Any reason for that?

the spanner icon is to create a copy of the currently selected item. The spanner over bullets is to create ammo for the currently selected weapon

At topic 6.
Handover to another soldier. It works as described. But the portrait icon is so small i did simply oversee it. Would be better if it could be a complete column like GROUND. Easier to see. Additionally you could directly see, if the handover makes sense or at least if there is space in the receivers inventory.

Hi - i know. What i am trying to do here is: Get the UI more user-experience friendly with my feedback. Because i would love this game to be successful. And i am pretty sure 30% of all users would be “dumb-as-bread” - “i bought it because of the cool monsters” kiddies. Won’t loose them in the first tries to do something.

Manufacturing should really be its own screen, because the current way is not user-friendly. That’s not to say that what is here now should be removed. It’s still useful because often you’ll notice on the equipment screen that you don’t have enough ammo for some weapon, so the current way allows you a shortcut for manufacturing ammo. But yeah, a separate manufacturing screen would be more obvious, I think.

To be fair, there is a game guide PDF in the root folder of the game.


I hope that this manufacturing screen is just a placeholder so we could enjoy BB3.
I cannot imagine an inventory screen without separate manufacturing, filtering items, transfering items between bases etc.

I take the nest missions as boss fights, because that’s what they really are if the queen shows up, and really pack the soldiers before entering one. And heh, there is always one that gets killed.

All of the current ui is basically placeholders and mockups. Some of the combat ui is probably getting fairly solid, but all the geoscape stuff isnt even close to final form, it was just tacked on there to give us a way of doing it for now.

Inventory will definitely change. You will be able to cycle through adjacent soldiers and see their stuff.

There for sure will be different manufacturing screen. We need to wait for manufacturing facilities and some update here. It will need to be connected with storage system, list of engineers, calculated time cost for manufacturing, separate icons for item repair etc. Maybe also some links to research tree.