Alien weapons are weird

So, if you stand over an alien corpse (right on the spot they died) you can open the inventory and pick up their weapons. I tried using the machine gun but it sits perfectly on the ground, so you have to aim upward and can’t aim over cover. When I tried firing it my soldier contorted, lost most of his midsection, paused for a few seconds and then shot himself for 4 damage, hahahah. I also tried using the shield, which did nothing as far as I could tell. It too sat on the ground. It might block damage down there but it’s not particularly useful, haha. Yet to try the claw but hesitant since it might just kill the guy using it, like with the gun.

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Update. I tried it again, because a soldier ran out of ammo and couldn’t do anything else. This time he didn’t die from the self damage and was instead stuck in the normal firing animation, moving really slowly by teleporting a square at a time, still in the firing animation. Oh, and the gun was destroyed.

I also attempted to use the claw, again cause my guy ran out of ammo and couldn’t do anything. It simply doesn’t recognise any targets, or at least it doesn’t recognise the queen as a target (it was a close game, if it had worked I would have won, hahaha). The camera also zoomed away to the edge of the map. I had picked up a different claw earlier and entered the targeting screen in that area so it was maybe the spawn point of the original alien that had the first claw. It definitely wasn’t the spawn point of the second alien that I took the claw I tried from.

From the game guide :

Crabman Equipment

The pincer, grenade arm, shield and crabman gun are all technically items of equipment which may
be left on the ground. It is possible to pick these up, but they can’t be used. This is not properly
implemented, so it will look a bit strange if you walk around with crabman bits.


Ah, nice. Yeah, you caught me, I didn’t read the instructions, hahahaha.

Yep, I also picked up a “machine gun” from a dead alien. Tried using it, but the soldier shot himself and died :stuck_out_tongue: It was a sad day for science


Bring on the scientists, I’d like to assign 10 of them to research this gear :wink:

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