[Backer Build 1] Misleading Decorative Weapons on Maps

After playing a couple of times with the backer build, I have a minor remark on “decorative” weapons. At first I thought that the guns shown in the environment (e.g., the ones in the gun racks of the buildings, or close to the dead soldiers already present in Fort Freiheit) could be picked up. I discovered that this is actually not possible - I understand that only the green glowy boxes provide items (right?). This was not super clear at first.

Therefore, I wonder if all guns are going to be “pickable” in the final game, or if purely decorative items and weapons will be present also in the final version. If the latter is true, it may be useful to somehow clearly show that some weapons on the ground are “fake”.


I Stumbled overthat as well. I think it would be great to be able to use that weapons but i also think that it would be a massive effort to put that in place.

I doubt that in world decimated by virus and destroyed by mutants there will be much of usable weapons left in buildings (or in crates). They shouldn’t be too easy to obtain. But searching the bodies…Why not?

@bartekb8 thing is in the demo you are not in an abandoned city. You are in a fully functional heaven taken by ayys.

I do hope Snapshot makes those decorative guns actually usable weapons you can take. That would add a lot to the immersion of the game.

I understand the importance of decorations for making maps look alive but I think that things as important as weapons, ammo and explosives, usable items etc should never be decorative while looking fully intact. Things like that are misleading and immersion-breaking. A pile of obviously rusted out rifles, a ruined medkit, a destroyed machine gun emplacement, a half-disassembled APC: all that is ok as a decoration. I’m ok with something that is not normally usable by soldiers(stationary AA cannon or a computer terminal) being purely decorative but if something on the ground looks exactly like an item your soldier just used, it better be behaving like one, i.e. be pickable and usable. Sure, it might have no ammo or be damaged but it should be an in-game object.