Phoenix Project bases input in progression

I wonder about two things.

  1. If current way in which we find Phoenix Project bases will make it to the final game? Maybe it is just some placeholder to help players make fight easier in BB3? Because I think that finding soldiers or working Armadillo or working Manticore is huge bonus to the player. Finding 5 bases give players great boost so after that they can easily control one third or even half of the globe. Btw. Phoenix Point (base) was supposed to be last active base.
  • So why do we find other bases with soldier in them? If there are soldiers, it means that those bases are also active. So maybe we won’t find bases with Phoenix soldiers in them.
  • The same goes with Armadillo/Scarab or Manticore. I understand if we could find base with some desolated stuff which need repair, but fully active equipment? But maybe it is placeholder and we will need to spend so time activating such bases and their equipment. - On the other hand it just came to my mind that Scarabs may be active as they are self-operated vehicles. But should they be in Phoenix Bases? Manticore may be standard equipment for each base, but maybe it could be randomly set if they are operational.
  1. How maintaining of bases will look like?
  • Will they require some staff just to work. Because I suppose that 6 soldiers would not know how to maintain or operate whole base. Will engineers be responsible for maintenance and running each individual building or facility? Will we need to transfer them to start activating the base? Will we be able to hire them freely or they will be scarce resource just like materials, tech and food?
  • Will we need resources to upkeep those bases? After some time we could build some facilities which generate resources like in BB3, but from the beginning I think they should generate some monthly cost. Or those bases are so advanced that just activating them make them self-sufficient?

Let’s say that a country is slowly falling to invaders. As this happens eventually Command loses contact with all other military installations. The natural assumption would be that their base is the last remaining active base as they have no words from any other base. Then as they push out they might come across some of their old bases. Some might simply have their comms taken out (landlines cut, wireless jammed) while being besieged, others might be a shell of the old base with various military individuals living amongst the wreckage. None of this would make Command’s view of their base being the “last active base” any less true when stated. Even if a base has some personnel in it that wouldn’t necessarily even make it a truly “active” base as they might simply be trying to survive at that point.

As for finding gear, it’s always possible. Gear could have been left with the intent to come back to it. Maybe the initial evacuation happened so quick that there wasn’t time to properly destroy everything or it was inadequately destroyed which let it be repaired (for example not breaking the same part on everything, allowing one to cannibalize parts to repair things). The people at the base could have been performing maintenance on it to help them survive. Not that every base should have such working equipment but it isn’t outside the realm of possibility for various bases to have some working equipment.

When it comes to maintaining bases I expect there to be some sort of of “cost” but not really a required staff for general upkeep (things like scientists and engineers are a different matter). It doesn’t really matter if it’s assigned a currency cost or specific supplies, I would be surprised if there wasn’t a generalized cost for upkeep.

Very well sumed up Aknazer. That’s how I see it too. When everything went sideways in the attack, bases got over run, lost contact, radios and com’s knocked out, etc etc. When you find a Phoenix base it is one of the OH YEA! moments.

I think the searching the planet for cool loot, weapons, bases, is one of the better parts of the game. I actually hope they find more things for us to find and do in the map.

One thing playing the BBs so far is it feels a little too easy to spread out and get started. Getting a base means you can just “buy” soldiers. Feels like you should earn the chance to hire them from outposts after helping.

As per usual this is an early build so we have to give these guys a chance to make the game. For all we know all these ideas might be in the plans

It really depends on starting location and what you get around your base at the beginning. No scavenge sites and mist far away from nearby havens can turn into waiting for +5/day resources generation… and in the mean time havens die out there far away from you. :slight_smile:

So the developers were just narrating according to lore, while having in mind that the Phoenix Point is not “the last active base”? :slight_smile:

That’s generally my view in situations like this. If the devs narrated from “God’s View” as opposed to Lore then there’s too much potential to ruin things with games or box one into a corner. Think of all the times someone who’s “died” has come back in a game series which wouldn’t be possible (either he would be dead dead or we would know he wasn’t actually dead due to dev narration).

My other thing is also the point I made about how just because there’s some stranded/surviving PP people at a base doesn’t make it a truly active base. Even if they’re working on a cure to the virus I wouldn’t consider it an active PP base if it’s cut off from the rest of the world. This view of what constitutes an “active base” also means that the devs aren’t necessarily narrating from lore (though they very well could be).

The newest thing put out (Access Granted) states that the base is the last known active base and that one of your goals is to re-establish comms. This further supports what I was saying earlier about the potential for isolated or partially functional bases being out there.

At the beginning of the game, the operatives at Phoenix Point know that there are/were other Phoenix cells/bases around the world - but with no communication from them or any contact, you don’t know what their status is. Discovering them and their fate it part of the story.

Yeah, I had simply been trying to explain how one could find other bases and still have the statement of PP being the last active base as true (the first bullet of the OP).

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