Phoenix Point videos

I decided to create a separate topic for the videos so the Phoenix point press thread could be more focused on press articles.

If you find or have any video, please don’t hesitate and post it!

New: Gameplay on a GNU/Linux system by Back2Gaming

Gameplay from the Backer build one by UnstableVoltage

Backer Build one gameplay by TheUrsinus1

Backer Build one gameplay by ChristopherOdd

Another gameplay video this time by the youtuber ChristopherOdd, I think it’s the EGX build.

Demostration by UnstableVoltage for the EGX Rezzed build

Phoenix Point presentation by Julian Gollop at EGX Rezzed 2018

Demostration of the free aiming system (Kudos to the user Isaggelos from the old forums) by UnstableVoltage.

Gameplay for the Pre-Alpha demo for PC Gamer Weekend by Unstable Voltage.

Gameplay narrated by Julian Gollop that was released during the final days of the Fig campaign (very early development!)

And to finish the Retcon Raider playlist about Phoenix Point.
His videos don’t include gameplay but they are a good summary of the news and progress about Phoenix Point


Phoenix Point - Early Character Models (narrated by Julian Gollop)

Phoenix Point - Lavecon 2018 (narrated by Allen Stroud and Kevin Hill)


A one soldier run =)
[Phoenix Point][Backer Build One] - Fort Freiheit - “Lone star” challenge


Some interesting stuff about missions, objectives, recruitment, npc factions, soldier reactions. :slight_smile:
EDIT: If they will pull out all of that what was announced then… damn! This game will be so much better than all XCOM games released since 1990. :slight_smile: And it won’t matter if game is not sometimes realistic or something has no logic. Managing team roster (alpha and beta teams or ‘main and clean up’ teams) and bases (mutations and panic in living quarters) will be great enough to overthrow everything that was until now. 3-way battles, where your ally can betray you (or you can do this to him), where any of your or ally soldier could get infected and change side to the virus (and then your ally faction turns against you). Fight within factions (they said that there will be couple of groups within each faction and they can turn against each other). Phoenix Point was called until now ‘combination of XCOM and Fallout’ (mechanics with setting). But this turns out to be XCOM+Fallout+some kind of Civilization with this diplomacy, trade and fighting factions. I know they were talking about 4X strategies, but I didn’t realise this could have so huge impact on the game and thought will be just a minor element of the gameplay maybe like in XCOM 2.

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My latest go at Backer Build 1.2:


New video for the backer build two by UnstableVoltage

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4FS Gaming review
Published on May 29, 2018

The first instalment in a new series in which we focus on a game that has avoided the media spotlight, but offers something great.

MrEverything Darick Streamed live on Jul 4, 2018 Tests BB2 for 2 hrs

Game Reactor plays BB2 now

How we are already different then “Enemy Within” series >:-)

Here is my little video. At the End I lost, but it was fun.

Here is a Playlist with more videos to come:

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Thank you for promoting Linux game play. How likely is that Linux game can be pre-compiled for PPC64 and ARM64 devices (Linuxes :sunglasses:? ). On PPC64 limit is Ubuntu 16 for all except IBM POWER9, on ARMs it should be funky n fresh as with AMD64 arch aka x64

You fought with honor. Read the guidelines on killing queen. Oh, ich bin tot! (sorry, my Bad German!) sounded nice - surprised voice!

New official trailer from the Phoenix Point youtube channel

P.S: I didn’t post in a long time, I hope this is not duplicate.

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An Almost-Backer-Build-3 preview from Unstable Voltage himself. It also has a few information about how alien bases will work in the campaign (at least, for now).

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I’m going to make a little series with the latest Backer Build, seeing how far I’ll get. This is the first episode. I’m probably shit, but hey, I’m enjoying it a lot

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