Phoenix Point press

Since the old forums post is gone and now we had a dedicated space for this kind oif stuff, I’m going to add some of the links that were in the old topic.

If you know about any article that could be interesting, please don’t hesitate and post it!

First the link to the Phoenix Point wikia that contains a serie of articles published by the press about the game:

This article is in Dutch (If I’m not mistaken):

The videos that were previously here can be found now in the Phoenix Point videos thread


I compiled a new round of articles that were published during May.
I didn’t read everything completely and these days I don’t have too much time to be up to date with the news so I hope you found any of these interesting and maybe even you could read something that you didn’t know!

I’m going to start with one I consider particularly interesting, since usually we have a lot of information about the windows version of the game, so it’s nice to see some coverage about the GNU/Linux build:

It also includes a video with some benchmarks activated to see how the backer build performs.

Next we have some information about enemies and difficulty and the ability to name the enemies in the game:

Some impressions about the game and a little summary:

And for the last spot the elephant in the room. Articles about the delay so you can read what the press had to say about it:

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