Phoenix Point v. Cthulhu 1.6 - 30th of July


Can not wait!

Are you playing on a HDD or SSD?
It may be that I am on a SSD, so loadtimes are on par and or exceed with most recent games I’ve played, including Gear Tactics, Control and Death Stranding.

But you are comparing apples with apples. The begging questions is why with oranges are the load times worse than with other games? Apples being SSD and oranges being HD.


Zing & touche… Your reply made me laugh more than I probably should have.

I needed that.

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Looking forward to this. Two questions:

  1. Why is the main website ‘News’ not being updated with this information?
  2. Will an OSX version be available immediately (the Unit engine update patch did not come out for Macs).


My XCOM 2 WOTC install has 269 mods, running on an m.2 NVME drive, my load times are less than 10 seconds…

PP running 6 mods + several ppdef json files, mission load times are less than 10 seconds as well.

Even on NVMe it takes way longer than 10 seconds. False feedback serves no purpose. Not talking about opening the game, but entering missions.

Tried again, lost patience within the first minutes of loading times. For all the issues appearing in PP, this is the one that can realy break the game for me. Really hoping it’s adressed in a very near future.

Wanna release the patch notes so that we can hype ourselves up ? :smiley:

False feedback? I’m sorry you’re so butthurt about your personal experience with this game, but there are plenty of us who are not experiencing any of the issues you are. I know, hard to believe, but that’s life.

Out of curiosity, do you people complaining about long load times know that you don’t have to watch the ship land? That’s just fluff. By the time the Manticore shows up on screen the mission is loaded, you can just skip the landing video. The only actual loading part is the tips screen.

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I did not say it’s an issue, but claiming loading times are less than 10 sec per mission is misleading at best. I’m not exactly butthurt :slight_smile: If it is under 10 sec for you then like I said above, the culprit might not be the hard drive. Perhaps it has something to do with the world generation. My processor is admittedly not the best. It’s a first gen Ryzen 7.

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For me with SSD: Mission load in 3-4 sec.
If I load a save game from Tactical Layer then it is most 6-10 sec.
With HDD it is 1-3 min just like XCom 2

We will see. Some games get performance patch after getting ported to consoles as those can’t overpower poor optimization with a power of money. Hopefully, all versions will see the boost once port is done, ala. Divinity: OS2 or Shadow Tactics.

For someone who has not touched the forums until this singular moment, but have played the game multiple times… I have just found out about the Cthulhu patch, and after reloading a new save a few times to find Anu being the only primary faction displayed on the global map that is less then 3-4 scans away from the starting areas…

Given how little the Cthulhu info is presented here. Is this the new standard? This single bug(?) makes me feel like I should just sideline this game for a while? Given the world at large and what we are dealing with as a global community, having to deal with biological groups right now who love a virus just hits too close to home.

Can anyone help me here? Is this a bug? A badly explained situation? I really loved this game, but this recent situation has me questioning sadly.

Yes, we people do now that. The ship cinematic is not the issue, even if it’s a totally unnecessary movie. It’s the loading times that hurt the experience.

X-Com 2: WotC is much, much faster than PP. Granted, I do remember the base X2 being a slog with those loading times.

From what I’ve read, the long load times are an Unity issue and the devs not addressing it.

… Really? Do you have any link or source with the devs claiming that? Because IF that’s true, wow, what a way to kill the game for me.

It’s strange that Phoenix Point is the only game where I have these issues, so it’s reasonable to assume them not being a game engine problem.

Cthulhu is not yet live. It will be tomorrow. Last patch was Danforth and hotfix in the mid of June. But it was from the beginning (release date in December) where you had more havens of Disciples than havens of other factions.

By biological groups who love virus you probably mean Forsaken sub-faction which were added in Leviathan update in March just before Blood and Titanium DLC. It is new standard that you encounter them, but Cthulhu update will change it a little bit.

OK,those are ome good topics. Hmm… I’ll wait for Cthulu update and then try the network shutdown to see how it goes.