Phoenix Point v. Cthulhu 1.6 - 30th of July

For me the loading times in X2 were really bad, several minutes to load any mission, but I found that to be a common critique in the game. The War of The Chosen expansion solved the issue, though, it ran much smoother

I agree. I don’t how much work goes into optimising load time, but that something I would really really appreciate. I think that’s what stopped me from playing the game. Loading times into a tactical missions can take over a minute for me, and considering how often the game jumps between tactical and strategic layer it slows down the game quite a bit.

For me it’s not even close. It could be the result of simpler structure of XCOM2, but with those massive interuptions I tend to call it a day after doing one tactical mission.

Solution for loading times - SSD drive, or even newer M2/NVME version. :wink:

You should not be pressed to buy new hardware due to poor optimisation of the software you are running.

I have two SSDs, one dedicated to gaming and the game does load slow compared to other ones. Xcom 2 with little to no mods loads faster than Phoenix Point.

Sorry, @Yokes, but that’s not a solution. There’s clearly something not right with PP

Nowdays SSD’s are Standard even for a low budget pc

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Oh man I don’t think 3 weeks is enough. I guess I’ll better wait for the DLC before starting that campaign. :slight_smile:

I also have SSD still on SATA 2 or 3 - I can’t remember as my mainboard is like 7 years old (or maybe 5 years? - I really don’t remember). And I don’t complain on loading times. It takes definitely more than 10 seconds, but I think that less than 1 minute. It is time to think about what should I do next after mission or how to use equipment I took on the missions. Currently SSDs are standard hardware available to any customer. I don’t think that such requirement is in any case fancy or not ordinary, so in my opinion every player should have at least one such drive. I won’t mention about my new laptop specs, but with ultra settings game loads nicely (even if worse than other games).

But @Yokes, that isn’t a solution for the game. My system meets, at least, medium requirements, and runs X-Com 2, a more than similar game, just fine. This is an issue from Snapshot’s side, not from the players.

But to stop playing it? :slight_smile: Well, maybe yes. If I had to wait few minutes to see the map, then probably it would get my nerves out of control.

Well, yes. Loading times are the main issue, but it remains my opinion that the game is still not living to its full potential.

Yes, there are major issues with loading times specifically aimed at PP. Upgrading rig for one game that can’t get it right is not the solution. It even takes forever to exit the game. I still suspect that the telemetry data being compiled and sent is a big part of the issue.


My current modded XCOM 2 WotC campaign runs more than 150 mods and missions load anywhere from 20 to 40 seconds. That is bearable in my opnion, though I admit it is not optimal.

Phoenix Point with no mods whatsoever can take from 10 to 30 seconds for no apparent reason (including the outro after the mission). Since missions are shorter in Phoenix Point, those load times can add up rather quickly.

Firaxis at least aknowledged the poor optimisation and made the game run smoothly with the launch of the expansion. Can we get Snapshot games to look at better ways to load and unload missions ?

Most of the people playing the game are veteran turn-based players and they know for a fact games can run better.

I don’t live on social media!

I have an nvme and loading times are still atrocious.

So probably it is just my patience. :wink:

Good for you! Keep it up. :wink:

Well, I’m not overly annoyed by it, but it is quite noticable compared to literally every other game :smiley:
The bottleneck might not even be the hard drive.

Happy to see that you are improving the game before adding any paid content, I look forward to, hopefully finishing my first playthrough in August. Keep up the good work.

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Yes I was referring to the Synedrion maps, I last played it when the update was done and the maps were even worse in the lag and that was 2020…not a year ago in 2019? earlier in the game (before the updates) they seems ok even though a little slower then the others but then they became unplayable after the last big update. So will this update address those issues that a lot of us are having? Thanks!