Phoenix Point suddenly started craching

I bought Phoenix Point a month or so ago, and just started playing it a couple days ago.

Everything went fine for a couple days. I played about 15 hours over several sessions, the latest only a few hours ago. Then, for no reason I can discern, the game started crashing on startup. (It runs windowed for some reason, the cursor appears, but then nothing happens.)

I tried all the usual stuff to attempt to get the game running–verifying files, running as administrator, updating NVIDIA drivers, reinstalling the game, reinstalling the Epic launcher–nothing works.

No clue what the issue is as, like I say, the game was running fine up until about 3 hours ago.

Same here. Literally just posted about it the same time you did.

Hopefully someone can help us out.

As a stab in the dark guess, try running from the PP exe file where the game is installed rather than the shortcut to run through the epic games launcher. It might help.

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This worked for me! I should have thought of that! Thanks!

Still, something is up with the relationship between PP and the Epic client.

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My guess is that you computer wasn’t logged in to epic games server and the PP app was politely waiting for this to happen. Recently I keep getting logged out for some reason.

Hmmm… could be. I’ve read that Epic’s servers are choked since they started giving away GTA5 and everyone with a pirated version decided to go legit.

That corroborates the problems that I’ve been having. I tend to use the local file exe desktop shortcut I created because I keep struggling to log in.

Worked for me too! Thanks for the help. I never would have thought of that.

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