How to download the game as a backer?

I searched the forum, but I can’t find any information on how to download the game as a backer. I assume I was supposed to receive a download link, but I’ve searched my inbox and can’t find anything.

I purchased the Phoenix Point Luxury Edition in September 2018 for $40. However, the last e-mail I received thanked me for purchasing the game and merely offered me a discount for a season pass. No download link to the game, though. Can someone help, please?

You should have gotten an email with the title “Your Phoenix Point Epic Store Key” on or around the 30th of the 11th 2019.

Which would have given you the instructions on how to download the Epic client, and then redeem the key.

If you don’t have that you are going to have to contact Snapshot Games to ask them about why you didn’t get the email. Do check your spam folder (there are enough links in the email to trigger some spam filters).

Thanks for your reply. I checked my other folders. It was in the promotions folder. Downloading the game now.

Thanks again.