I don't get a steam key?

So having purchased an unplayable game on Epic at full price, including a purchase for DLC, from a company that intended to use my services as a play tester for a year, I will not receive a steam key??

You can imagine my relationship with Snapshot going forward…

If you backed Phoenix Point before March 12th, 2019, you will receive a Steam key for the Year One Edition on December 10th.

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I purchased the game on Epic this past year… having paid full price for both the game and dlc…

If it was after March 12th, 2019 then you knew it will be on Epic and as you stated you purchased the game on Epic.

From our FAQ: I purchased Phoenix Point from the Epic Game Store, can I trade/get a discount for a Steam key?
We do not offer a trade-in program or discount for Epic Game Store or other game store purchases.

One advice I can give you if you have problems with Epic is to play Phoenix Point without Epic Games Launcher. It is DRM free. You can play it even without internet. Just run the game from the .exe file on your PC. In my case, it is D: Program Files\Epic Games\Phoenix Point\ PhoenixPointwin64.exe

Will the game still receive the same level of support as the Steam version…?

Yes, it will receive the same level of support as the Steam version.

so having backed the Fig project in April of 2017, I should get a steam key on December 10th? Only reason I installed Epic was because of the platform shift… haha