Phoenix Point problems

Good afternoon!
The problem is this: I installed the game and the computer constantly crashes or freezes. Uninstalled and reinstalled, the game worked perfectly until the first reboot of the computer, started to crash again! please help solve the problem!

Does the PC work perfectly after uninstalling the game? Windows I presume? Have you looked in Event Viewer?

Да конечно. Виндовс 10.

Cool. Does Windows Event Viewer show any errors that would be causing the crash?

PP currently seems somehow be vulnerable to file corruption on my PC. I had issues that I was able to fix after verifying and fixing the game files (go to Epic Games Launcher library and select ‘verify’ from the game’s overflow menu). The fact that the game seems to work for you after a new installation, indicates that you face a similar problem.

I did all this - it did not help.

BSOD tends to lead towards a problem with hardware.

Googling UNEXPECTED KERNAL MODE TRAP seems to point towards pages talking about possible issue with memory or a driver issues, but then BSOD messages have on times mislead me.

Perhaps try as a starting point.

Verifying game files is always a good plan too, as alx60531 suggests.