I bought this game in December

Realized it was a mess, did come back briefly for the DLC, then left again. When is it expected to be in a really good state, not just improving-from-a-mess state?

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It leaves Epic exclusivity in december, so hopefully it will be in solid shape by then for devs sake. A while ago ex-community manager, UV, said PP is to get at least two years of post release support so you can expect for the game to evolve for some time still.

Some patch seemed to bring some much needed improvements, but I can’t comment on their quality as I am waiting for 2nd DLC before diving back into the game.

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game is already less of a mess. :slight_smile: Mess can increase after DLC2 release, but it will decrease again after patch and some hotfix :slight_smile: And there are at least 2 next patches being prepared with nice updates. So if current state is not good enough then definitely in November or December it will be much better.

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How bad are chirons now? Literally stopped playing at release when I had a higher tier hive mission with chirons spawning somewhere deep and inaccessible, behind massive amounts of aliens. And no possible cover due to the geometry. Basically meant you’d have to just reroll the mission and hope for better spawning RNG, so kind of lost interest. Patch notes at least don’t indicate any particular nerfs to their damage, so I assume nothing has changed in particular?

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It depends, when you have last seen them. There were only few direct changes to Chirons from what I know and nothing really substantial. But there were other changes:

  • double explosive damage bug fixed (before that it made Chirons extremely lethal)
  • lair and citadel layout changes (lair are less tiresome, citadels have more places to hide and circle around)
  • introduced pandoran research system, which makes Chiron appear later in the game than previously (and if I’m not mistaken explosive version shows even later than other Chiron versions)

It was around release as I’ve said. I’d like to assume it was the double explosion bug, because chirons would literally just delete your squad in 1-2 volleys easy. Completely insane.

As for the layout thing, I’m not sure that helps since Chirons basically have perfect knowledge of your position as long as you were spotted at least once by anything on the map, and spotting stacks over sequential turns. Basically it means, once you’re spotted, and you start engaging, you’re permanently spotted by the chiron, no matter how you try to juke it. The only surefire way to be safe was to take cover under something that would simply block the projectiles from landing near you, but due to the angle of fire that was extremely rare.

And on the last thing, well, maybe that helps? Not really sure honestly, since I don’t know if something was introduced to make chirons more manageable that you can unlock.

Either way, I’ll give the game another go when the next DLC comes out. I did like it a lot outside of chirons literally forcing rerolling missions on occasion, which I could work past until it got too much with the hives. I backed the game so I’m not too bothered about waiting until the steam release if it needs more time, been so long at this point anyways. Thanks for the info!

I don’t think you read my post, I said I don’t care if it’s less of a mess, I’m asking when will it be outright good.

You question is very stupid and yet insulting. You know that and just come to troll I guess.

Nobody know when the perfect state of dreams come true. Uninstall your game and forget it or just play and test… go play other perfect games at your list.

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Chirons now are mostly the fireworm-type or goo-type. You don’t meet the explosive type until much later in the game (I didn’t run into them until the final mission).

They also don’t activate until they spot a soldier, so if they’re on the opposite side of the map you can ignore them while you deal with nearer enemies, then move over to take out the Chiron on turns 3-4.

Chirons are basically a nuisance now, rather than a serious threat. The only issue is that they have a ton of HP and so take a long time to kill. But while you’re killing them all they’re doing is dropping 2-3 fireworms on you per turn, which can be easily pistolled/bashed to death, so it’s not a big deal.

To clarify, are you claiming chirons no longer have squadsight? as in they have to personally see or hear you? Back when I played all aliens had squadsight by default, which was sort of good but also a little tiring to deal with. In a way bummed to hear chirons are totally neutered though, I think they had potential and did add to the survival-horror theme of the game nicely.

Seems like AI in general was massively gimped too, going by complaints about tactical battles being very short and easy, with much fewer enemies and generally much less smart AI? I thought the game had a really nice difficulty level to it at release outside of bomb chirons exclusively being a dealbreaker, even release sirens were mostly fine with me.

Don’t know what you mean by squadsight - that’s an XCOM mechanic and only works for direct-fire weapons. Chirons are indirect fire so they can bombard you from the other side of a building all day long no matter whether they can see you or not.

However, they can only do that once they’ve been activated (ie the little ‘ALERTED’ message that plays when they see one of your soldiers). So if you stay away from them they won’t shoot at you until you’re ready to deal with them or until they happen to wander up next to you (at which point they’re easy to kill).

What I mean is that once you’re detected, whether visually or through sound, then even if you move into FoW you still are tracked as a red blip, exactly the same way it works when you spot an alien that then runs out of visual range. So what would happen is that you’d get detected by whatever, now the chiron on the complete other end of the map knows your exact position no matter what you do, and he’d have infinite range with a firing angle that would make it almost impossible to find reliable cover. That and every action you’d take that’d cause detection would actually stack detections up for following turns. So, if you got spotted twice it’d take like 3 turns of managing to somehow hide from all detection without failure to lose the red blip.

I take it you’re saying now the chiron itself has to detect you, otherwise it just doesn’t know, like if you’re fighting something outside its hearing range?

It doesn’t need to detect you by itself, so squadsight is still a thing, but now they can stay far away from other aliens thus not becoming alerted. So they don’t know from other aliens about you if no other alien was near them. And it is more probably scenario than before, as there is lower number of enemies on the map (mostly). And as you could read explosive Chirons are encountered far in the campaign.

If the game does not lose quality, then (IMO, no insider information) after the release of all 5 DLCs (summer 2021), if a Modkit is released +1 year to create a “global mod”. But if Devs wishes, the terms can be shortened or canceled.

@drages no, my question is quite reasonable. How long has the game been in early access? And how long has it been post launch? It’s reasonable to expect a finished, polished game by this point. I never expected perfection, those are words you put in my mouth to make yourself look good. I just want exactly what I said, a really good game. My words were chosen precisely and you deliberately twisted them.

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But this game is quite good already. Believe me - I don’t want to go back to any previous iteration of FiraXCOM or even newer games like Gear Tactics or Chimera or anything else. It is far from completion, because developers choosed scope, impossible for them to finish in reasonable time, with their manpower and fundings. But they keep improving and adding to the game. I am really pleased with what I see, and what Phoenix Point is becoming.


And I think I gave you the best answer I can.

I didn’t enjoy the game on launch, and I had actually a pretty good time when I tried it last time. Still, game does have rough edges and is being constantly expanded and worked on. If you want the cleanest experience available I recommend waiting once all DLCs are out and devs either stop working on the game, or slow down the speel and scale of the updates. This won’t happen soon though.

I was reading a recent thread by a guy who did the most recent patch on legend, I’m rather discouraged to hear the game is super grindy and repetitive at this late stage in “development.”

Then wait for next update.

Okay, got it now, thanks for the clarification on how it’s been changed. It does sound MUCH better, depending on what the ranges are like in actual practice. But anything that stops a chiron from just instantly locking on you from the other side of the map when nothing you engage is even remotely close to it is a major QoL improvement. Though I honestly don’t care about any chiron other than bomb chirons anyways, and that was back when they had the double damage bug.