Petition to reconsider scorcher rebalance

So in the most recent edition of the game the scorcher turret weapon burst was reduced from 10 to 8. First off, I will admit that scorcher turrets are excellent. (The range! The HP! The ammo! The damage! Such damage!) But they’re not so good that I thought I was cheesing the game or otherwise getting away with something. The short and sweet is that scorcher turrets are the 3rd and final tier of turret that become available roughly at the time pandorans are covered head to tentacle in 30 to 50 armor. Unlike rattlesnakes and watchers, scorchers lack both piercing and shredding, all they have is pure damage to push through the armor. Furthermore, the turrets are expensive to build and supply and the technology has a high research cost (1200) that has both NJ and Syn tech prerequisites.

I suggest the following alternatives to the recent re-balance:

  1. 10 burst but the turrets are more expensive
  2. 8 burst but also shreds (not unlike how shredding was granted to assault rifles)
  3. 8 burst but 65 damage