Personal thoughts

Ill make this quick.
Tactical combat, geoscape, story, customization and general mechanics are effin brilliant. I couldn’t have wished for better.
What I would like to see is some life brought into the game. You know, birds, swaying trees, animals, a tin can blowing around in the wind, a smouldering fire, that sort of stuff. Maybe some background noise. You get the idea. It just feels a little to still at the moment.
I just love this game. :smiley:

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What, you want to drag down performance even more? :wink:


I’d be happy with better explosions, grenades seem they are flash bangs.

I guess anything that they add has to be a good thing when they are building on a solid foundation, meaning great mechanics. As jrhebert points out I wouldn’t want anything that would spoil it for people with lower spec computers.