Penetration system is not applied properly in all cases

Penetration system is not applied properly to all bullet/weapon properties. It works well with standard damage.

But armor shred doesn’t stop with first hit part and flies further. My last barrage from Ares Assault Rifle with applied Armor Break hit 4 body parts of Chiron (abdomen, head, torso and one of the legs). But I was surprised that so much armor went off so I checked Info screen. And Chiron lost armor from abdomen, torso and 3 legs.

The only way I see it could happen is this new penetration system for all projectiles.

  • Added projectile penetration to all weapons. Now if a projectile hits and destroys a wall or body part the projectile will continue flying with the remaining damage.

Earlier it was only for Hel Cannon and some of sniper rifles.

I can confirm something weird happens even without armor break. Shooting with standard AR I often shred a lot more than 6 armor even when the enemy doesn’t have any disabled body parts, so the bullets shouldn’t be going through.